Friday, January 14, 2011

Bye-Bye Bartletts



Well, I asked the Universe to send some amazing people our way to adopt sweet Georgie and Clarence, and the Universe listened.

No surprise because:
1. The Universe always provides the most amazing families for our most amazing kittens.
2. Georgie and Clarence deserve nothing short of the absolute best.

Betsy, their new mom, just happens to be the sister of my friend Katy, who is a very dear friend of Opal's mom, Jennifer. Does that all make sense? Opal is the Kevin Bacon of Tacoma.

Anyway, Betsy has been following the IBKC for awhile. Last week, when she read the post about Georgie and Clarence's search for a family she thought they might just be the ones to offer them that loving home. So she promptly shared the post with her husband, Duncan, who promptly said "yes".

She emailed me, we chatted on the phone, and it was clear they were good, animal loving folks, so the next day they came down from Seattle for a visit.

I'm pretty sure it was decided before they arrived that these kittens needed to join their family (which includes a handsome orange tabby named Butters and a sweet pooch named Oly). Even so, Georgie and Clarence gave them the hard-sell, and were extra, extra cute and sweet during the visit. Their motors ran strong, they were uber-cuddly, they dazzled, and they charmed.

At the end of their visit, dear little Clarence stole the show. He climbed up on the arm of the sofa, sat upright with his tail wrapped around his toes, and started dozing off. For those of you who have witnessed kittens falling asleep while siting up, you know there are few things in life as precious.

Well, Clarence sat there blinking, fighting the need to nap until finally, his little body started to buckle beneath him and he slipped off the arm of the couch. Fortunately, he woke as he fell and managed to sink his toenails into the blanket hanging over the arm. I was sitting close enough to grab him too, so the boy was not harmed. Just befuddled. We all got a good laugh at his expense, and they left with smiles on their faces.

So, yep. They found their family and last night Betsy and Duncan came back and picked up the pair. I just got a note from Betsy, and the boys are doing great. They're happy and comfortable in their guest room.

They got a chance to meet Oly the dog and there was a little big of retreating and puffing up. Oly is great with cats, and I'm sure once they figure out he's their friend, all will be well. Introductions to Butters will happen soon. He's already curious about what's on the other side of the door.

We're all missing the Bartletts. They were a very special, joyous, loving litter and we're so happy to have spent a little time with them. The start of their story was a sad one, but their ending is the happiest of all ever-afters. I'm so thankful for the wonderful families that they found.

Here a few pictures of the Georgie and Clarence's last moments with us:

Right before they left, the kittens cuddled on the couch for a nap. Charlene jumped up and gave them both lots of goodbye kisses.



Here's Georgie, napping while Betsy fills out the adoption paperwork. Clearly, he's stressed by the situation.


And a couple more shots of the kittens with their "gold medals".




Bye-bye Bartletts. I will always treasure the moments with you. XOXO.


  1. Such sweet little guys! Glad they found such a good home.

  2. YOu know, just when I need a bit of happiness, your blog comes thru. So glad to see the boys are off to great home. But now what will Charlene do to occupy her time? And what about all those yummy kitten noms...

  3. I love how Dean Bean is presiding over the graduation!

  4. What a cool story, it's so good to see these precious little brothers find a great forever home. I love the name of their big kitty brother too, Butters is my favorite South Park kid ;o) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  5. That second picture of the Bean with the Bartletts...I can hear her now "now don't forget...purrs when they come home, lick behind your ears, try to remember a 'privacy tail' when cleaning your more delicate parts....oh I'm sure I'm forgetting something...put a sweater on before you go outside..."

  6. This makes ME feel like purring!

  7. Fantastic! I'm so happy for all the Bartletts!

  8. Safe journey and many happy years to the pair of pair of pears. I love that first picture of Clarence. It's like he's saying "Goodbye. Thank you for everything." Best of luck to all four.

  9. Such sweet babies, I am so glad they found a great home. I'm going to miss seeing them here. Especially little Georgie. Catching sight of his kinky tail made me smile every time.

    Hang in there, Laurie, Craig, and Butterbean! Hope new itty bitties are moving in soon!

  10. George looks mighty proud of his tag in that last picture.

  11. What a joyous occasion for Clarence and Georgie! They are the most beautiful little boys and are so deserving of the very best!

  12. I was doing fine until the pictures of Charlene saying goodbye... *sniff*

    I'm so happy they've found a wonderful home too. And once again, friends of Opal get my vote :)

    Bye sweeties, we'll miss you. Send updates when you can!

  13. Aww this post just made me teary.
    I love the Bean's pics with all the babies. There's something special about her.

    I am so happy for the sweet little Bartletts who had such a rough start.

  14. i love it how all the kitties look so handsome with their home again tags. it makes them look that much itty bitty.

  15. "Opal is the Kevin Bacon of Tacoma" - LOL!

    I am so happy for those sweet boys; how handsome they look with their gold medals! I hope Charlene and Georgie won't miss each other too much. Have a wonderful, happy and healthy life, little Bartletts! Lots of virtual snuggles and smooches!

  16. Love all the photos of Clarence and Georgie. I am so very happy they are going to what sounds like a wonderful home. May they all have many joyous years together. Thank you Laurie and Miss Bean for taking such good care of the Bartlett kittens!!

  17. Goodbye dear, sweet Bartlett babies! So glad you have found your forever home.

  18. Hurrah! Yet another happy adoption story! I hope Opal and her family make lots of new friends going forward so there is an endless supply of adopters.

  19. All the Itty Bitties are wonderful, but the Bartletts have been SO extra-special. I know their new homes are going to be just fantastic for them and for their new humans! But I do admit to sniffling a bit at not getting to see daily photos of them any more. Please, please get updates so we can see how these adorable babies grow into big, handsome kitties!

  20. Happy Dance accompanied by a couple sniffs....we loved the Bartletts and their delightful gold medals.

    Dear Opal, she deserves her own medal for loving the kitties so much

  21. I really would almost have considered moving to Tacoma just to adopt Clarence, if you'd had trouble finding him a home. SO adorable! All of your kittens have been! I really, truly enjoy visiting your blog and seeing the kitties!!

  22. This blog restores some of my faith in humanity. what you do for these cats, sharing your home with them for a time, is one of the most loving of acts. thank you.

  23. Fare thee well, sweet little angels. You carry the good wishes and love of a world of people you'll never meet.

    Have the bestest lives, EVER.

  24. if there would only be more people like you on this planet! i love reading your blog - and i check it every day. thanks for sharing so much kitty love!

  25. The boys look so grown up and confident, unlike the little ragamuffins they were when they arrived. I'm sure Georgie feels better equipped to face the world now that his nose isn't bald. And Clarence has been working on his bedroom eyes.



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