Monday, December 6, 2010

Heading Home...

I'm heading back home after a wonderful weekend in NYC. I just wanted to thanks for all who braved the lines stopped by the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale to say hello. It was so nice to meet all of you, and I appreciate your support!

First thing tomorrow, I'll be checking in at the Humane Society to see if there are any babes in need of fostering. It's been two weeks since the Frosts left, and we're more than ready to receive guests!

Until the newbies arrive, I've got a few more Frost pics to share, and an alumni update too!





  1. That little Nigel gets me every time I see him... He is one little floofball!!!

  2. It was great to meet you Mama Butterbean!
    - two of your NYC fans (we're the ones who took a cellphone photo :))

  3. Nigel is looking for trouble and he's got Mimsey standing lookout.

    Seeing you and Craig in NYC just made my holiday season! I've got my garland hanging from the spiral staircase aka kitty racetrack (until they start playing with it through the stairs. My pin is clipped to the outside of the huge birdcage (full of fake birds) in my kitchen until I make a hair ornament out of it. Tell Craig "we'll talk".

  4. so bummed out I'm in LA and was unable to make it out to the craft show! Would have loved to have met you!

  5. I am so glad you got to meet folks out there in NYC!

    I enjoyed the little vignettes of Nigel 'splorin' that little set of drawers!

    I would love to see new IBKC's - but I also kinda wish there aren't any new kittens waiting....daggone paradoxes

  6. The fluffiness...the shades of pink and white...I'm all blissed out. :)

  7. you are simply an inspiration to me. keep up the great work and as you put out some much positive energy in this world all will come back to you tripled

  8. My sister and I loved meeting you on Saturday. YOu were by far, the nicest crafter there. I wore the teal pin with a bird, mushroom and reindeer to a party last night and got tons of complements on it! Thanks for making the trip East and go get some kittens!

  9. Can hardly wait! Happy the show went well, but even happier when you're back home with kitties. Maybe something cool will happen in the LA area sometime!

  10. Look out, Dora, Nigel the Explorer is climbing his way up to usurp your title! And sweet Mimsey standing by, perhaps ready to tattle on her bro.

  11. Tsk, tsk - the Frosty Twins, up to no good... but so adorable! Welcome back, Laurie!



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