Thursday, November 25, 2010

It Just Wouldn't be Thanksgiving Without Willamena

not all kitties can do this

For those of you who have been following the blog for awhile, you've certainly seen this photo before. For you newbies, this is Willamena Bouvier. She is from the third litter of kittens we fostered. Each year I use this image for the Thanksgiving post. This makes Thanksgiving number four for the IBKC.

I really do have a squillion reasons to be thankful, and you all make the top of my list.

I am thankful for the love and support you show each day, the kind words you leave after every post I make, the kindness you show each other in your comments, and the way you love and care for each of our kittens as if they were your own.

I am thankful for your generosity and support during our fundraiser, and get goosebumps when I think about how much you gave and all the good that's being done with the money raised.

I'm thankful for all the lovely kittens that we've had the pleasure of hosting. I am thankful that everyone was healthy.

I am thankful for all the amazing families who adopted our kittens, and thankful to the Universe for guiding them our way.

I am thankful to have a lifestyle that allows me to foster and share my kittens with you.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends

I hope you're all surrounded with the ones you love and are having a wonderful day.

We love you.



  1. How IS Willamina? Any grown up pictures?

  2. I love this so much and look forward to it as part of my Thanksgiving each year. Thank you to you and the kittens for giving us so much joy. Thank you Laurie!

  3. Dash said it...thanks so much for the joy you bring. Now that darling Willamena has made her appearance, I can head back to the kitchen.

  4. Blessings all around! XO

  5. What a blessing this site is! Thanks so much, Laurie for everything you do for kittens! It spills over into all of our lives, giving so much joy!

  6. It's true, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Willamina! Thank you so much for posting this picture again and I am so thankful to you for the joy and happiness you bring. I can't tell you how many bad days have been turned around by a Charlene or a kitten post. And if all else fails, the memory of Drewey and her wisdom of embracing one's inner crank surely saves the day.

    Tons of love.

  7. Have a beautiful, creative and delicious Thanksgiving! Thanks for warming my heart everyday with your kitties!

  8. I am thankful that every day I can visit this blog and have my spirits lifted, with the kittens, The Bean, or both. Thanks for putting in so much time chronicling the goings on of tIBKC!

  9. Thankfullness fills the day!

    For the IBKC, for the kittenwrangler and her household, the kitten whisperer and the Iowa branch of IBKC!

    Family, Friends and the furred family members who are still with me.

    I am also thankful for being able to raise another puppy for Summit Assistance Dogs....each has brought joy.

  10. I am thankful that even on a bad day, there's the IBKC blog to look at--it always cheers me up, makes me smile, makes me giggle out loud. Kittens are good for that.

  11. Thank you so much for everything Laurie! What a blessing you are!

    I just found a tip on comments on an automatic feeder, and thought of you and your Charlene-eats-kitten-food-too-much problem, maybe this would be helpful:
    "Vet Tip: 2 of our 3 cats are a healthy size/weight. To keep my big guy away from their food, my vet suggested we take laundry baskets, turn them upside down, and cut just a big enough whole for the two little guys to squeeze through. The two others can eat whenever they want now." (from

  12. I came onto the site just to see if my favorite Thanksgiving picture was there. Thanks for not disappointing me.

    Back to my kitchen too, although I have 3 cats that are carefully guarding the oven.. don't have to worry too much about the turkey trying to get away with them on guard. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  13. We don't have Thanksgiving in England but mummy showed me all about it on the webby thing.
    I am thankful that I have a lovely forever home and loving hoomans to cuddle me xx

  14. As a Canadian, I celebrated Thanksgiving back in October. The sentiments expressed here, however, are always something that I can appreciate and endorse.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all that are celebrating it this week. Keep up the FANTASTIC work, IBKC!

    PS: That photo of Willamena is a classic - I will never ever tire of it (or her tiny, tiny paws!).

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope it was everything you hoped in your heart it would be.

    This is my first look of Willamena and her bitty paw and just when I think one photo can't get sweeter than another, here it comes.

    Thanks Laurie for your humanity and the love and care you give to these God's creatures small and thanks for sharing it all with us.

  16. We don't have Thanksgiving here, but that Willamena picture is definitely something to celebrate! :D

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, Laurie, Craig and Charlene!

  17. I am thankful for Laurie and her posts that fills my kitten need. I am thankful (okay, maybe not really) that I live outside the Tacoma/Seattle area. I would be so embarrassed when Laurie cut me off from adopting yet another IBKC. Distance is the only thing that has saved my dignity... Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you!

  18. Thank you Laurie for everything you do to give these dear sweet kittens a safe and loving start in life.

    Thank you, also, for putting a smile on my face when I desperately needed it. I discovered the IBKC this summer just as I was losing my 15 year old lab to bone cancer. You, Charlene, and the kittens did much to lift my spirits then, just as you are now after losing my beloved 17 year old Torbie, Einstein, this month. It warms my heart to know there is such good in the world. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am truly grateful.

  19. The biggest thanks goes to you Laurie, for all you do... not only for the kitties, but for all of us - every day, you bring smiles and warmth to our lives.

    Canadian Thanksgiving was last month, but I'm thankful for this site every single day of the year.

    The picture of Willemena is definitely a classic, I look forward to it each year :)

  20. Laurie, thank YOU for your wonderful blog and the work you do for the kittens. I check in every day and I always have a smile on my face while I'm reading your post or looking at the latest photos. I don't know how you keep from getting too attached to the babies; but I guess knowing you have to give up one litter to make room for the next is the key. It still must be very difficult. It takes a special person to do it.

  21. Another Canadian here, but Happy Thanksgiving to the whole IBKC family and community! Especially to the little kitties who are having their very first Turkey Day, like Mimsey and Nigel! That Willamena photo is adorable.

  22. We are truly thankful for the loving start you give to homeless kittens who are waiting to find their forever homes.

    We hope your Thanksgiving Day was wonderful.

  23. Laurie - Chesley said it for me too - about Drewey and her cranky wisdom. You know, we all believe .. I have to stop to remember that it's YOUR heart and eye behind all the pictures, captions, names --lots of us have said that you and the babies have brightened our days and eased some sadness. It's a big deal, and the warm network of love generated by your little blog (which we all SO enjoy - read all the comments!) makes the world a better place. Sending LOVE and joy to you and Craig and the extended IBKC world.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for people like you and the people who follow you, who do for animals, as they can. I have a special place in my heart for cats, but all creatures benefit from those people who care enough to act on their behalf. Thank you.

  25. Hello! I was sent a link of your photo on 'I Can Haz Cheezburger' and I followed it here! It's an amazing photo and so is your site! I wish we could scoop up all of them and bring them home with us. Keep up the amazing work!

  26. Yet another Canadian checking in...

    Laurie, your sentiments are echoed by everyone who reads this blog. I know I am thankful for you and your family's generous spirits in taking care of all the itty bitty babies year-round.

    Hope everyone's holiday weekend is safe and sound.

    Kisses to all the kitties! <3

  27. Happy Thanksgiving, Laurie and Craig and Charlene. I'm thankful for all of the good things the three of you do to make the lives of so many kittens better, giving them such a loving start and then helping them into equally loving forever families. I'm also thankful for the smiles (and even the occasional tears) the IBKC brings my way every day of the year.

  28. Laurie, without a doubt, you and your kittens-of-the-moment give much more to us than we do to you. no matter what kind of day i am having, just looking at this blog (multiple times a day) lightens my heart. much love to you and yours --

    Christine H


    I was just watching Animal Planet and saw this:
    You can get wood or fabric...solid or hollow! Kitty heaven! :)

    Hugs to Charlene!

  30. Just love this picture! How did you manage to both outline her paw and get her to hold her paw there while you took a picture?!
    Hoping all of the IBKC family is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

  31. I am so thankful for you, Sue, and all the other fostering families who blog and share with everybody the joys, the highs and lows, the beautiful photos and funny stories, and everything else that comes with fostering wee fuzzies.

  32. OMG! What a picture and thanks to you too for sharing your awesome life and kitties with us...


  33. Ahh that is such a great picture and happy thanks giving.



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