Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Handful of Floof, Meeting and Greeting and an Itty Bitty Favor


You'll be happy know that the kittens were little champions yesterday. They had their vaccines and microchips and neither made a single peep, squeak or hiss. Nice work, kittens.

We were lucky enough to bump into Sue from Pitter Pats and her adorable babies while we were there. So, through the bars of their carrier, the Frosts and Wooseys got to say hello.

Vaccines always take a lot out of the kittens so when they got home, the crashed until evening. They woke up around eight, realizing they had slept through there dinner and cried, cried, and cried until their dishes were placed on the floor.

Craig had been out digging for clams yesterday, and got home just after their dinner. The smells he brought back from the ocean, got everyone stirred up. Charlene and the Frost swirled around his feet as he cleaned his clams in the kitchen.

Afterwards, a romp in the living room with all three cats, who are getting along famously.

Now,,, the itty bitty favor part....

It's easy, I swear, and only requires a few moments of your time. I posted this yesterday on Facebook, so if you're a friend of Bean, you know all about it, so I apologize for this double-dose.

Anyway.... I am a finalist in a little crafty competition hosted by the Crafts Department at Martha Stewart. They are giving the top five folks in this competition a space at the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale at the MS Creative HQ in NYC. It's an amazing sale, and many of the vendors are a part of the creative team at Martha Stewart. The others are top-notch members of the crafting community. To be able to participate in this sale would be thrill of a lifetime, an amazing opportunity.

They are asking the public to pick the winners, and that's where you come in.

If you wouldn't mind taking a second to give me a vote of support, I certainly would appreciate it. It's quick and easy and there's no registration required.

I'm number seven on the list of contenders, just click on Laurie Cinotto/ lalalaurie and cast your vote. Voting ends at Friday, Nov 12th at Noon EST.

Thank you friends, I REALLY appreciate your support.

Click HERE to vote.
Click HERE to learn a little bit more about the competition.
If you want to come to the sale, there's more info HERE.


  1. That is the cutest kitten >^..^<

  2. Voted. Can we vote more than once? Like daily?

  3. Shakany, You can only vote once per computer/IP adress.

  4. Voted! Will vote again Monday from the work computer.

  5. shakatany asked my very question.

    I'd have been swarming your kitchen as well in eager anticipation of clams! How I wish those had been my hands holding such floof.

  6. Well, there are 5 spots available out of 8 people, so you stand a good chance. Currently you are also in the lead.

    Good luck!

  7. Bad link on the "click here to vote" -- I voted yesterday but wanted to check out the competition. ; )

  8. Laurie, although I have already voted I am getting a link error when clicking on the "Click HERE to vote" link.

    Can't wait to see pics of the kittens and The Bean!


    Until Laurie fixes the link above from yesterday's tweets

  10. The link is fixed !!!

    Thanks for all your votes, friends!!!

  11. You have the cutest stuff on there - hope you win! ^_^

  12. Just voted and you are in the lead by over 100 votes!! You've got GREAT stuff too. Wish I lived closer to go to the sale....

  13. Hi Laurie
    I am so loving this blog, and have to stop by for my daily dose of cuteness.
    Love your craft blog too and have been and voted for ya! Good Luck Girl!


  14. Kodiak and Kenai's momNovember 7, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    I voted the other day after reading about it in someone's comment. I will be sure to vote again from my laptop, and from Kodiak and Kenai's dad's computer after he goes to bed tonight. I love your crafting stuff. Your tree trunk cake plate is absolutely amazing. Oh, and wait, those waxed paper hanging decorations are great too. I copied you and made a set with deer in them for dh's birthday party. Oh yeah, and your little paper baskets with birds, I really like those too. Ha-Ha. Well, you get the drift. I love your stuff.

  15. Just voted for you - wow are you leading! It seems almost unfair to the other excellent crafters... But I love your hanging decorations!

  16. I voted for you, and not just because you asked-your craftiness is awesome!

  17. At the time I voted, you were in the lead! Good luck to you!

  18. I voted for you. And... I vote for Nigel as the cutest little handful of white floofiness ever!

  19. Voted! Your creations are really beautiful. As is Nigel! The tiny pink ears are killing me. Floofalicious!

  20. I voted for you, and not just because I read your blog. I really like your crafts the best!

    Best of luck, although I don't really think you need it; you're in the lead by quite a bit at this point. :)

  21. I would vote for you, but I see nowhere to cast the ballot, just a chart with the current results. Puzzling, puzzling.

  22. Sometimes there's a glitch, and like what anon says, it will only allow you to see the results and will not let you vote. It will be weird for awhile, then it gets fixed. If you try this link instead,
    you should be able to see the list of contenders followed by a button that says "cast vote", and you'll be able to vote.

    Thanks everyone for your support today! YOU are awesome!!

  23. Voted :)
    Looks like you're well ahead, best of luck. Your things are beautiful.

    And hurray for being out of quarantine! And getting to meet the Pitter Patter babies!

    Can't wait to see pictures with Charlene so we can compare floof :)

  24. Go Laurie!

    Laurie Cinotto (lalalaurie) (38%, 1,059 Votes)

  25. Go Laurie

    * Rachel Rheingold (Maptote) (6%, 160 Votes)
    * Katherine Grandey (kg + ab porcelain) (4%, 110 Votes)
    * Lisa Golightly (Kiki & Polly paintings) (8%, 224 Votes)
    * Kristine Domingo (Sweet & Sour Goodies) (4%, 104 Votes)
    * Amy Adams (Perch Ceramics) (4%, 108 Votes)
    * Amy Holbrook (AMH Design) (21%, 579 Votes)
    * Laurie Cinotto (lalalaurie) (38%, 1,059 Votes)
    * Amy Turn Sharp (Little Alouette) (15%, 450 Votes)

  26. Just voted and will vote tomorrow on work computer. Go Laurie!

  27. I just voted, and currently you're leading with 36%. While your crafts are certainly charming, I have a suspicion the kittens are helping you win too. ;) After everything you've done for them, and for us, you deserve this chance.

  28. I am glad I stopped by the blog this morning during breakfast at the hotel--I'd not seen Bean's announcement! I voted for you, of course, because I love your work, both of the kitteh variety and of the craft variety. I hope to order some items for my upcoming nuptuals and I wish you luck with this competition. You currently have the cutest little wooley beast I've seen in a long time.

  29. Looks like you're still in the lead...yay!

    Sumi and Oliver would have voted for you but their paws are just a bit too large to hit the right buttons...



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