Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun from Yesteryear

Halloween Still Life with Albert Livermore
Here are a few links to Halloween posts from the past...

Charlene Boooooooterbean
Beanie's Halloween greetings from last year..

I promise I will never make you wear a costume again Bean.
I swear.

The devil made me do it.

There's a ghost in this post.
With the Drapers

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlene Butterbean
Little Miss Bean and her first Halloween.

Albert Allen Poe
He perched, and sat, and nothing more...

The BOOviers
Sweet little pumpkins...

Happy Hallow-Bean and Candy Corny
Anxiously await the trick-or-treaters...

Spider wranglin'...
With Albert and Davy


  1. These are all wonderful and a great trip down Memory Lane. I DO wish that you hadn't promised Charlene that you'd never make her wear the devil costume again though.

  2. Thanks for the (halloween) memories!! I loved the picture of Charlene and Drewey in their kitty wrangler costumes ;o) Drewey and her little cranky face, oh, what a sweetie she was!!!

  3. Lovely way to get in the spirit today! Those photos are all Tricks!

  4. VERY glad you're not asking for a vote - because I'd be here all MONTH! Laurie, your pictures are unalloyed artistry always, but these? Well.....hmm, how about a SPECIAL set of cards, perhaps? In fact, I bet a little stroll through all your pix would provide a lot of Holiday Cards....

  5. What a lovely set of halloween pix you have available!

    Sigh, the Bean & Drewey in their cowboy meowfits are my favorites!

  6. Those are all so wonderful - funny AND adorable! Awww, Drewey!

    I also love the Itty Bitty Vampire Committee (starring the LaBaths), Perry Draper the Teeny Tiny Vampire and little Millie Draper's pumpkin picture from last year. And, even though that was for Christmas, Bean and the Finches dressed as elves!

  7. I agree with the first comment. Seeing the bean in a costume is too cute. It's just for one day (even shorter since all you need is a picture). But I bet she hates it and it's probably a pain in the rear to put it on her. I know my cats would hate it.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. I'm a big fan of the Teeny Vampire Draper, as well. :)

  9. Fantastic retrospective!! If I were forced to choose a favorite, it'd be Drewey Junebug, but everyone else would be 1st runner-up. So, so precious.

  10. Cats and rats, nothing cuter:)

    Those are some high quality rats! Archie Mcphee?



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