Friday, July 23, 2010

Tell me Please, Are We There Yet?? !!


We're almost there, Biscuit. Almost.

It's midnight now. I just checked our total, and it looks like we've got to raise $3,705 to meet our $40 squillion goal. With so many squillions behind us now, it absolutely feels within our reach.

I'm so excited to see this day unfold!

I'm getting up early tomorrow, taking a couple of the girls in for surgery (YES it's time already) and then I'll be planting myself at my computer for the duration. Expect lots of posts, lots of pictures, frequent updates, and hopefully, by the time the day is done, LOTS of cheering!

Thank you EVERYONE for all your amazing support. Thank you for sticking around for the duration. Thank you for wanting to reach this goal as much as we do, and thank you for helping us make it happen.

Click HERE, to help us reach our goal, and help make wonderful things can happen for cats and kittens.


  1. I wish we could have helped out more this year - this is a tougher one for us though. But I did have you as one of our Friday Friends today so hopefully that will get a few more people over. Good luck!!

  2. No matter what happens there will be cheering, but if we can cross the 40 squillion mark...the cheers will be deafening!

  3. Ms. Biscuit, you probably will be crossing that 40 squillion mark soon. Happy Friday!

  4. It's been a tough year but I finally got some $$ and did my donation last night. I did it for Bernadette Mayfield and Jerry Lee Pickett---forever IBKs.

    I'll be checking all day and ready to celebrate 40 squillion!

    Gah! Biscuit is so hugely photogenic. My heart melts...

  5. When the fund-raiser started, there was a competition amongst groups and IBKC quickly took the lead. Does anyone know for sure that we've left the dogs in the dust?

  6. the total on the firstgiving site doesn't have the money from the auctions yet, right?

  7. Yup...I just checked and they are in the #2 spot at $3000. Kitties rule!

  8. Amandaaaaaaa - The auction stuff won't going into the Firstgiving total. The Firstgiving total represents the online donations from you all, and money I collected offline from friends, family and neighbors. When the fundraiser is done, and the auction money is in, I'll announce what the other gals on the team brought in, and the total from the auctions. And that will be the icing on the cake!

    Oceans and Anon -We're in first place, by far. We took over the lead after a couple of days into the fundraiser. Yes, kitties do rule. : )

  9. I certainly hope they call it the Dog-and-Cat-a-thon next year.

  10. Okay, so you're already well past $40,000 then. Congratulations! Thanks for taking care of the all the cats.

  11. Huzzah! I knew Biscuit's white eyeliner would be an irresistible force for good!



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