Monday, July 19, 2010

The Tail End


Well, Dog-A-Thon is getting REALLY close now.   We've just five day until the walk, and the end of our fundraiser.

To those out there who have been thinking about making a donation, now is the time, because we're running out of time!    

For many, these little kitties we foster are a part of your daily life.    I know you care about and love these kitties, just like we do.     A donation of any amount  helps our kitties, and all the other cats and kittens at the shelter too.  

When we pool our donations  we can feed, vaccinate, microchip, shelter,  and provide medical care for SO MANY cats and kittens and help them find their way to their forever families.

It feels pretty good to be part of the process.

Please click HERE to make a donation, and help us help cats and kittens.

For those of you who would like to help, but aren't in a position to make a donation, you can help just by spreading the word.   Please email, blog,  link, Tweet and Facebook about our fundraiser if you can.  Here's an image to download if you would like to share it with your friends and followers.

Thanks so much.   We all appreciate your generosity, love and support of this amazing community.

I've got lots to share with you today,,, including some grown up pics of some of our little kittens, so please check back often.    



  1. oooohhhh I wonder who the grownup kitties are....

    Looking forward to seeing who it is.

  2. Posted!

  3. OKI....I posted the photo's on my blog again...

    I am in love with the paintings of Madame Bean !


    Aunty Pol

  4. Laurie, that's one of the coolest kitten photos you've posted. Aside from the tiny hineys, the reflections make it a great photo. Thanks for sharing.

    Craig is a terrific painter! I love the paintings of the Bean.

  5. I replied to your email in case you read this first.



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