Sunday, July 4, 2010

LIVE from the IBKC Fundraising Headquarters!

We've got the lovely Miss Suprenant working to the tote boards today.  Let's check in with her and see how things are going....  


Good afternoon, everyone.   And welcome to the IBKC Fundraiser!   So far, we've raised an incredible $16,833 and that's in just thirteen days!   

I'm a little worried that this holiday weekend is slowing things down a bit.   The phones have been a little too quiet.    I know everyone is just busy with BBQs and celebrations and will be calling soon.   

As soon as this holiday weekend is over, the work begins for our Humane Society.   It's literally the busiest day of the year. 

So many pets get frightened by the fireworks and all the 4th of July noise, run off, and get separated from their families.   Please think of the HS, and all the other shelters working hard to help reunite pets with their families.  Perhaps you might  consider making a donation to our campaign. 

Have a great 4th, everyone.  Please keep your pets inside, and keep them safe.    

Care to help our HS?   Click HERE to make a donation.


  1. OK, people, that odd number was bothering me so I evened it up. Now it's up to you to get it into the 17's and BEYOND.

  2. what a little beauty Miss ____________ is. That coat!

  3. Toes and Marbles requested I donate a portion of their toy budget since they want other kitties to have it as nice as they do.

    Thanks Laurie, Craig and Charlene!

    Miss S, keep looking so adorable and the tote board will skyrocket!

  4. That kitty is absolutely beautiful!!!

  5. But Sarge LOVES to go outside. And I was grilling for my new neighbors (who didn't have their stuff yet) and unless I brought him out on his harness he would try to get out every time I went through the door. He behaved himself very well for the most part. Even let a 2 year old who has never been up close to a cat before (Dad is allergic) pet him.

  6. Continued good luck wiv the fundraising, yoo are doing a pawsome job!



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