Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just in Case You Didn't Know.....


Good afternoon,, It's me, The Bean.

Lots of new faces have visiting the blog lately, and I wanted to be sure that everyone knew what our fundraiser was all about.

On Saturday, July 24th, my mom and dad, along with a few of our kitty-loving friends, will be participating in "Dog-A-Thon" , The Humane Society of Tacoma/Pierce County's annual walk for homeless pets. The walk is a fundraiser for the shelter we foster kittens for, and even though it's called "Dog-A-Thon", we'll be raising money specifically for the cats and kittens.

For last year's fundraiser, we set our goal initially at $3000, and because of the generosity of our friends, family, and the followers of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog, we raised over $23,000. A large portion of the money we raised went towards the build-out of a cat quarantine room at the shelter.

Cats surrendered to the shelter by their owners are temporarily housed In Butterbean Quarantine. After a brief health isolation, these cats are spayed or neutered and taken to an off-site venue such as PetSmart or Petco, or to the new "cat condos" in the shelter lobby. By keeping the cats separate from the stray cats housed in the larger cattery, it keeps them healthier, calmer, and ultimately, more "adoptable".

An amazing number of lives have been improved or saved since the opening of Butterbean Quarantine, and this never would of happened without the generosity and support of all who contributed to our campaign last year.

This year, we've set the goal a little higher, and we're hoping to raise $40,000. So far, things are going well and after 3 weeks of fundraising, we've raised over $24,000. We still have a ways to go, but less than two weeks to do it, so we're hoping for your support.

A pledge to our fundraiser will help provide care, food, shelter, bathing supplies, vaccines, and many other essentials for shelter cats and kittens. It will support the foster program, cat adoption program, trap/neuter/release program, and Drewey's senior cat fund. Bottom line, it will help save lives and help cats and kittens get adopted.

Last year showed that when we join together for a cause, we can do huge things. I'm excited to see all the good that comes from this year's fundraiser.

To make a donation to our campaign, please click HERE.

Every itty bit helps! (and it's tax deductable!)

Thanks so much! We appreciate your support!

xoxo Lots of love,

Charlene Butterbean


  1. Laurie / Charlene:
    The link is not directing properly...

  2. Until Laurie fixes the linky, here's where y'all can go:

    Or just click on the First Giving Donate button underneath the Butterbean's Daily Donation Challenge. Please to be donating!

  3. all better now... link is working. thanks! xo

  4. Actually, you can click on any of the buttons near the top middle -- 10 Days, Butterbean's Daily Donation Challenge.

    Again, in non-lol speak: Please donate! :)

  5. Kodiak and Kenai's momJuly 14, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    I'm finally back from vacation and as promised will be donating in a few minutes. I've just spent about an hour reading three weeks worth of back posts. I've missed so much. Damn the lousy Alaskan internet service! I've missed the goings on here at IBKC almost as much as I've missed my own two kitties!

  6. What a wonderful thing to raise money for, that is for sure. Wish we could help, but at the moment we are not able to. We really admire you for doing this.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Well said Miss Charlene!

    Thanks to all the donors from the bottom of my heart. Reaching out to virtually pet the itty bitty's is pretty amazing.

    But if you cannot afford a financial donation a little time helping to socialize some kitties at your own local shelter. Its the spirit of the help as much as any monetary help.

  8. Just donated, thank you for sharing this opportunity! This is such an important cause.

    (**) <--that's supposed to be a kitty!

  9. Oh, Beanie, this photo of you is absolutely beautimous! The IBKC couldn't have a better representative for this fundraising drive. You and your team are going all out, and we're so happy to be able to support you. xo

  10. Charlene, yoo look beautiful today. And what a good cause yoo are posting on.

  11. I am so impressed with the power of your blog. How wonderful to be able to raise so much!! I wish you meet and exceed your goals!!



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