Friday, July 2, 2010

And You Did It!

Hoooray!  The challenge was met.  Just look at that total now!  Nearly $16.5 squillion and that's just 12 days into the fundraiser!

THANK YOU, FRIENDS!   I don't want to jinx anything,, but I'm feeling pretty dang good about reaching our goal!

I'm running the girls over to the HS for their check up.  As soon as I return, I'll be putting up a little alumni update....  so stay tuned!



  1. Thanks again, Cynthia, for the matching challenge!

  2. Yay! Cynthia: you rock! :-) Thank you!

  3. My pleasure, folks. Laurie, I'm glad you think it's going pretty well -- knock on wood (gently on a boy kitty skull). :)

  4. How come the total on the Dogathon site is always about $800 more than the firstgiving total?

    And I think those first couple days where you were trying to beat the other teams are long gone. Maybe next year they'll call it the dog-and-cat-athon.

  5. Why does the lynx-point's left eye look squinty? Is she okay?

    As soon as I have some scratch, I'll be making a donation. Sorry I couldn't be part of Cynthia's generosity-palooza.

  6. Why is the lynx-point's left eye all squinty? Is she okay?

    As soon as I get some scratch, I'll be making a donation. Sorry I missed out on Cynthia's generosity-palooza!

  7. Elaine, I think it's b/c Shana and I are lucky enough to be on Laurie's team. We have our own firstgiving sites that are linked to the IBCK team. Our totals are about $800 right now- can't really complete with the IBKC world-wide fan base!But I do get to walk with Laurie so that's something :)

  8. Laurie responded to the "eye" question earlier (under the matching funds header, I think) saying just a case of "weepy eye" and little miss lynx point will be just fine after a couple of days of meds.

  9. Thanks for answering their questions Sarah and Anon.

    Yes, Sarah and Shana are raising money too and have their individual goals. In the end, it all goes to the cats and kittens. I look forward to walking with them at Dog-A-Thon!! Everyone is welcome to come along and join us there too!!

    Elaine and Oceans..
    A weepy eye is just a symptom of a kitten cold. When you foster, it's very common thing and absolutely nothing to worry about.

  10. I wish so badly to contribute to the cause, but a kitty loving college student doesn't have much expendable income. Is there another way I can help?



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