Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Big Cat Season Too!

Kittens have been rolling into the shelter at quite a rapid rate these days. Folks find kittens to be quite appealing, and sadly, this time of year the adult cats are often overlooked.

Right now, our Humane Society (Tacoma/Pierce County) has reduced the adoption fees for many of the cats over the age of two years to just $36. It's an amazing deal... they're vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and ready to love.

If you need a fabulous cat, please stop by and see the amazing selection the Humane Society has to offer. You can browse online too.

Thanks, friends. I just wanted to remind everyone that it's big cat season, too!


  1. I'll be volunteering tomorrow, if anyone wants to swing by for their new friend!

  2. I adopted a 10-yr old cat last year here in Portland. She has so much life in her and is sooo snuggly. She's the best!

  3. That's great! Our local shelter is actually having free adoptions in June for any cat over a year old! It's so tempting......

  4. Amen! Our local shelter is also doing a deal for adopting the older cats too.

    I know as much as I am smitten with the kittens, when the time comes for me to adopt again (not too soon I hope- in that it can't happen while my 16 year old kitty is with me), I will be looking for a sweet mamacat who did right by her kittens, but is now spayed and ready for a quiet home full of love!

  5. Reduced cost and free adoptions for adult cats are awesome! I paid $150 each for my Mulder and Scully from a no-kill shelter in Iowa (which I was happy to support). Then I rescued a kitten from a neighbor in my hometown and spent $450 on all her medical needs. YIKES!

  6. That's awesome! You guys are doing an excellent job finding homes for them, too.

  7. I didn't get any discount when I adopted my kitties when they were 4.5 and 1 year old. But I don't care! You can't put a price tag on the love they've shown me over the years. I did adopt my one attempt to foster before she was a year old. She was not adoptable, not with kitten competition. She made it clear she wanted to stay with me and was ... hostile during the adoption shows. So I adopted her as her first birthday present. But since she was a stray her exact date of birth isn't known. So maybe she was an adult. Doesn't matter. She still acts like a kitten.

    There are so many advantages to adopting adult cats. They don't get into much michief, their personalities are developed. Most of all they appreciate what it's like to be loved and have a home.

  8. We adopted one kitten. Then, when she grew up, we adopted a cat. I think we're sticking with cats, though we love to play with kittens. :)

  9. @webbthistle - I agree.

    Knock-wood I won't need to adopt too soon, but at 12 & 14....reality and kidney failure keep sticking their noses in my face



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