Thursday, June 24, 2010

Four Squillion and Counting!

FIRST I must say, we're off to a very impressive start, don't you think?? !!  I can hardly believe we cleared four squillion in the first three days of our little fundraiser.   If we keep up at this pace, we are sure to hit the  goal of 40 squillion!    It's so exciting to watch the total on the  Dog-A-Thon counter rise!  Thank you to everyone for your donations and enthusiasm!!  

Please look over there to the right.... see that new picture of Bean?    To help keep things interesting, we've added a daily feature to our fundraiser, "Butterbean's Daily Donation Challenge".    Everyday until the end of the Dog-A-Thon fundraiser (July 24th), Charlene will be introducing a new challenge.

It's fun, it's easy,, and each new challenge will be a different "price point" so they'll be suitable for everyone's pocketbook.

Today's challenge is the "Five Dollars a Foot" challenge.   Should you chose to take on the challenge,  pleae donate $5 for every paw in your house.       

You know I've got that picture of grown-up Tressa Lovejoy to share with you all.  I'll do that as soon as we clear 5 squillion.     If a few of you take on the Five Dollars a Foot challenge, we'll be there in a heart-beat.

Thanks so much for all your support.   I'm so incredibly proud to be a member of this community.

To help us hit five squillion... click HERE!


  1. I donated the other day and by coincidence it turns out I donated $5 per paw!

  2. Wow that is great! And we love the challenge idea - but this one is a bit tough for us (I count 28 feet/paws at our house - I plan to donate but until tomorrow I can't even afford a cup of coffee - not that I would want one anyway!)

  3. Tressa!! Tressa!! I have been dying to see that picture of Tressa. Let's go IBKC Community!

  4. GAAAH! Dying to see Tressa! I did donate more than $5/paw the other day. Does that count?

  5. You're officially excused from this challenge, Amy.

    And Marlene,, EVERYthing counts. THanks!

  6. i just donated for 4 dog paws and 4 cat paws. i also think amy gets excused! :)

    i donated last year was so exciting to see how much this awesome community was able to raise. can't wait to watch the progress again...i think 40 squillion is doable!

  7. How fun! We're in, with an Aunt Lynda twist. Four paws for our two kitties, and two "paws" each for our two great-nieces.

    When they were toddlers and I'd help them wash and dry their hands, as I'd hold out the towel, I'd say, "Give me your paw." This would often elicit an indignant, "I don't have PAWS!" So they count, too.



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