Friday, June 11, 2010

Crafts, But No Kittens

Warning: A completely non-kitten related post!

craft sale this sunday!

To you Tacoma and Seattle peeps...
If you don't have plans for Sunday, swing on by the Tacoma is for Lovers craft sale at Kings Books. I'll be setting up shop there and selling my crafty goods (see pic above) and would love to see you!

There are some wonderful artists participating, and it's at Kings, which is a really awesome and huge new/used/rare book store.

If you don't like crafts or books, there are two awesome shop cats, Atticus and Miko, who would love the pleasure of making your acquaintance.

Tacoma is for Lovers
Sunday, June 13th from 11 AM - 4 PM
Kings Bookstore
218 St Helens, Ave
Tacoma, WA

Come on by if you can! For more info, visit here.


  1. Well, I appreciate the warning. I beg to differ, however, on this posting being completely unrelated to kittens. When I looked at your lovely paper birds, flowers and butterflies, I found myself imagining the Anderson-Ericksons leaping and shredding!

    So, you see, if you're warped enough, everything CAN have something to do with kittens.

    It looks lovely, and if I weren't in northern New York State, I'd so be there, too.

  2. I SOOOO wish I was in your area to do some shoppin'! Love your talents, kitty and non-kitty!

    Meowy Hugs,

  3. Hi - do you have an on-line store? I love your flowers!!!


  4. Be sure to introduce yourself, Natalie!

    Anon,, yes, I do have some things on etsy. I'll have more posted after the sale.

  5. SO pretty!!!! Will definitely check out your Etsy shop. :)

  6. So pretty! I wish I was in Tacoma! But how do you keep cats and kittens from 'helping' you?

  7. I have a theory: in our museum we have a clay pot made by a cave woman (well, paleo-Indian, but it's very old). It's got a pattern of incised lnes on it. Gazing at that I realized something: we humans require air, water, food, clothing and shelter to sustain our lives. WELL! I *believe* (most earnestly) that our REQUIREMENT for ornament is as deep; though we may not die if we do not please our hearts, our lives are much diminished. Laurie - you fill our hearts with beauty and joy - kitten or otherwise. I do SO wish I were closer, but I'm delighted to hear about your shop.

  8. What dale-harriet said. Absolutely.

  9. OMGoodness, your artwork is wonderful! Sorry we're so far away...

  10. @Cynthia -
    How DARE you call me 'warped'!!! LOL
    OF COURSE everything in the world has something to do with kitties (and puppies too).

    Cats ARE ornaments at their core....



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