Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And in With the Newbies!

Ok, now that everyone is settled in, I can share a few more pictures with you.

No first names yet, we're going to be auctioning off the naming rights to these babes, but I can tell you the surname of this litter. It's Suprenant. They're named after our dear friend and amazing IBKC supporter, Cynthia Suprenant.

Her heart is so huge. She's given so much to our cause, and inspired so many to do the same. She means the world to us, and I thought this would be a good way to show our appreciation. Thank you Cynthia, for all you do.

There are five little Suprenant kittens. When I picked them up at the shelter last night, I was checking to see what their sexes were as I put them into the carrier.

Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl.

So I checked their paperwork, and yep, they are ALL girls.

You got a sneak peek at our first tiny tabby this morning. Here she is again.


Here's her floofy sister.


And here she is with her floofy sister, whose tail is all floofed out, and sticking straight up!


As soon as I introduce the rest of the Suprenant girls, we'll get rolling with the auctions. Last year's was a HUGE success, and I hoping everyone will be equally excited to join in on the fun!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh hi pretty girls!!!

  2. You couldn't have picked a better surname than Suprenant in honor of our Super Cynthia! A whole group of girls too! I have a feeling this little group will be prodigious fundraisers.

  3. Adorable! Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. Surprenant is such a great name - it is the French word for "surprising"! (Forgive me if that is widely known - I'm French Canadian, I don't know if this would be common knowledge to anglophones...)

    Anyway, I can't wait to be surprised by the rest of this little litter, and then be surprised again by their names...

  5. I wonder if sweetie #1 has a tail. Sweetie #2 has enough for both of them. I wonder if I'm right.

  6. That beautiful little tail made me gasp. Must... snorfle...

    It's sad there are a plentitude of kittens in the shelter, but I AM slightly relieved that we don't have to wait long for more babies.

  7. Quick, silly question: how is Suprenant pronounced?

  8. Oh, that's funny, I was going to ask that same question myself! Great anonymous minds think alike!

  9. Dear Laurie and Folks:

    Wow, I'm so touched! I've been so blessed in life (by God or the Universe -- you choose) and it's my honor to be able to support great causes like the IBKC's efforts for the Humane Society of Tacoma/Pierce County.

    When I say I'm not worthy of any special recognition, I mean it. There are many people on the front lines of humane efforts that haven't been as just-plain-lucky as me. All the people who give of their precious time to foster cats and kittens, care for them in shelters or their own homes, endure the stress and heartache of illness and loss, and who work hard to find the kitties loving homes --- those people give an irreplaceable gift of their spirits and hearts. If anything I do helps them, I'm grateful.

    Laurie, thanks so much for this honor. Let's hope these girls aren't holy heck-on-wheels like I was as a young one, or you, Charlene and Craig will have your hands full!

    In peace and gratitude,

    P.S. I took the name by marriage (I was a Morris, as in "Morris the Cat" prior to 2006), and my husband's family pronounces it "SUP-er-naw.". They did not embrace my suggestion to pronounce it as it would be said in France. :).


    Sent from my fabulous iPad, not the wi-fi only one, but my newest, latest, grooviest 3G iPad!

  10. When I saw floofy tabby baby #1, my heart melted. When I saw floofy dark tabby baby #2, my heart stopped. Seriously. What a beauty!!!!

  11. Babies!

    Oh the little brown-black floofy one!!!!! *snorgles* The tabby is adorable in her own right, of course...but I am such a sucker for floof.

  12. Oh, the little tabby girl just slays me. I just want to pick her up and give her a cuddle!

  13. I was wondering if tabby has a tail also and does sweet girl number two have extra toes, her feet seem so floooofffyy.

  14. Purrfect last name for this litter.
    And I am secretly holding out hope that since there is an odd number, one little girl will become Charlene's little sister.

  15. Cynthia,, we pronounce it "Superhero" in these parts.

    Jenna,, no extra toes.

    Patti... no plans to keep any kittens.

  16. Oh wow, les chats francais who need names. I can't join the auction but I think you need Madeleine and Marguerite (aka maddie and maggie). Others are free to bid using those names.

    I think the little tabby has naturally sad eyes like our Guy who can be seen on our "Cats Waiting..." page. He's a sweet shy boy with the saddest eyes.

  17. oh, the precious wee babies! and woo hoo n honouring Cynthia for all she's done!

    Carys of the 13.5

  18. I see these kittens pictures and think 9 lives isn't enough...

  19. Oh Oh Oh! the tabbies with orange noses just slay me:)I shall call her Cosette. From Les Misérables. And Cynthia, you ROCK!

  20. i love all kitties, but girl kitties seem to have such personalities! i am the mommy/aunt/sister to three girl cats in my house, and each are so unique and wonderful. this is going to be an exciting bunch.

    as an aspiring linguist (who didn't even know that suprenant meant surprising in french), i'd take a guess that it's pronounced something like soo-preh-NAHN, with the "r" sounding kind of like a weird "w".

    anyway,WHAT ADORABLE KITTENS! i really hope i get to have the naming rights for one of them in the contest. i love names!

  21. WOW - I spend a week away from IBKC-land and squillions are banked, AE's are homed and (SURPRISE!!!) a new litter is already in place....

    ...and yes, the pun is intentional.
    I just got home an hour ago after a 15 hour drive, so I am still feeling the road I am home I know what my budget can handle...

  22. A perfect last name for a superior batch of kittens.

  23. ohhhh soooo cute..and sooo floofy...can't wait to see the other girls...

  24. Oui! What darling girls. I vote French girl names for the new kittens. Gigi? Collette? Claire? (for my mother!)

  25. Oh my goodness - a gaggle of girls - this should be a lot of fun!

    (Although the dark sister is adorable, the Tinee Tabee still slays me - whatta cutie!) :)

  26. Squee! Love the little dark floofball!

  27. ok now how do you pronounce suprenent(?)
    that little tabby has the sweetest little bedroom eyes I love her!
    and the Floof! forget about it.
    the Bean has some competition now! (just for floofage of course) Beautiful girls!

  28. Five girls? I'd be tempted to name them after the Bennett sisters from Pride and Prejudice, but of course the auction winners will have the final say!

  29. Such sweet kitties!

    But more importantly, where can I get a cat purr ring tone? Someone needs to give me a source so I can participate in the daily challenge!

  30. Five goils! If I could afford the naming rights for all, I'd call them Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie.

    The LaBaths were the last all-goil litter, weren't they?

    I an SUCH a sucker for the tiny tabbies. Dark baby looks like she just stuck her tail in the light socket!

  31. oh yes! The Bennett sisters! Good call, Lily.

  32. The pointing-straight-up tail just kills me. KILLS! :)

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