Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And Finally, Fern


Fern was the last Lyttelton to make weight, the last Lyttelton to leave, but the first kitten to get picked.

For quite some time Leslie, Fern's new mama, had been looking for a playmate for her 1 year old kitty, Roux. She had been checking out local rescues and shelters and had no luck. She mentioned to her friends Chris and Carrie (who happen to by my friends too) that she was looking for a kitten, and they suggested she contact me.

She came to meet the Drapers, but her friend (Kelly) ended up adopting Millie and Gordon and her other friend (Mimi) ended up adopting Luella and Perry.

Next two litters were pairs (Walter and Ira, Vivienne and Theodore) and those two pairs HAD to remain pairs. Both were too close to separate.

Leslie waited patiently until finally, The Lytteltons arrived. She had pick of the litter, and she picked Fern.

Because Fern was the last to go, she got to spend a little extra time with Charlene. In their last days, they had a great time frolicking together, playing hide-and-go-seek, and chasing each other up and down the stairs. It was so good for Fern. She got to spend some one-on-one with a big cat and Charlene had a chance to teach her about big cat boundaries. Hopefully she took something away from their time together and is showing her big sister lots of respect.

It took a very long time to get her kitten, but I think sweet little Fern was worth waiting for, and meant to be a part of Leslie's family.

.... And don't you think "Fern and Roux" sound good together. I like it.

Perfect, perfect, as always, perfect. Thank you Universe. Once again, you managed to send the most amazing families our way.

I do believe, without a doubt, that all these little Lytteltons were meant to be where they are.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Universe.


  1. I really liked little Fern. Glad The Bean had time to give a quick post-grad course as well.

  2. How sweet! You know they're going to a great forever home when the new family waits that long! Bye Fern! Have fun with your new sister!!!

  3. I'm so glad she found a good home!

  4. Perfect indeed! I hope Leslie will keep us posted and send some pictures as Fern grows up - she has such gorgeous markings and compelling eyes - she's going to be a beauty!

    Enjoy your new home, dear Fern - and be good to your big sister! Hugs to you!

  5. Yay for sweet Fern!! And thanks, Laurie, for giving us all those lovely background details too... you know we love it!! :)

  6. it's not surprising at all that fern was the first to be picked! i'm not one to choose favorites (and if i did i would have to pick pia only because she looks exactly like my tuxedo) but disregarding that, fern is such a little fuzzy ball perfect! this bunch of kittens are so adorable, i really hope you have more pictures of them to share with us. we might just all go through withdrawal!

  7. sniff sniff - I'm not tearing up because of this, it's ... it's allergies. Yeah. Dust. Lots of dust.


    :) Yay Universe!

  8. Thank YOU Laurie and Craig for fostering all these litters and making sure they get good homes. Thank YOU Butterbean for loving and teaching every kitten in every litter. Thank YOU Leslie for being patient and giving two kitties a good home.

    I hope Fern and Roux get along. I have a good feeling about this.

    Yay Universe!

  9. Pictures of the post grad course of Ms Charlene with student Fern Please!

  10. Meant to be for Fern and Roux.
    Meant to be for Ezra, too.

  11. Fern is such a beautiful little cat, she will grow to be a lovely lady.. she was always my favorite of this litter. I wished that I was close enough to adopt her. I'm sure her new older brother will be thrilled!

  12. I hope that when the time comes to have kitty cards made of this litter you use one or more of the pics from the "cute little sprout" post. Those first two photos always bring a smile to my face whenever I see or even think of them... such a cheerful little face.

  13. So Ezra's and Fern's parents both waited patiently for their little ones. Knowing that makes my heart so happy. Bless you, Laurie, for being open to cooperating with the Universe on these placements. It's always so much fun to hear this part of the story - where the itty bitties go. Makes their leaving a tiny bit less wrenching, too.

  14. karma is a wonderful thing, and kittens have loads of the good kind to give!
    xx lounge kats

  15. Hurray Universe!

    Fern and Thelma were my faves (by a whisker!) but I can't say enough about how awesome they all are.

    Paws up for Laurie, Charlene and Craig (and a special Crank!) for the love and support you give to each and every Itty Bitty

  16. Oh we are so happy for Fern. The universe is a wonderful thing.

  17. Except now Bean is the only kitty in the household. I know that she and Drewey weren't superclose but now she's IT. Either she'll relish in being the only diva in the house or feel a little lonely. Even if they don't groom each other, it can be good to have two kitties.

  18. Roux and Fern's MomMay 6, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Fern is all I hoped for and more!

    She and Roux had a short, tense adjustment period and now they are playing, napping and hanging out together. Roux's not much of a cuddler but I've seen her licking baby Fern twice now! Fern is incredibly sweet and loving and I feel blessed.

    Thank you Laurie, Chris & Carrie, and the universe!

  19. Roux and Fern's MomMay 6, 2010 at 10:30 AM


    You did a great job teaching Fern how to respect her big sister's space. She and Roux love to chase each other and play hide-and-go-seek, just like you two.

    Thank you, meow-meow!

  20. Thank you for the update Roux & Fern's Mom. So glad to hear that Fern is settling in just fine :D

  21. Aww Fern, you'll have a loving home! And you have already gotten licks from Roux! How great is that! She really has the prettiest little face doesn't she?

  22. What patience! Fern, you were very much wanted (as I'm sure you already know). And Professor Butterbean, I'm sure you did a fine job getting your little charge ready for having an older sibling.



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