Monday, April 5, 2010

Draper and Musselman Cards are Here!



I am happy to announce that Draper AND Musselman cards have arrived! I'm super excited about these two sets, and I know these two litters were real crowd-pleasers, so I'm hoping you'll love them too.

There are six postcards in each set and they come with envelopes too so you can mail them and keep the cards in pristine condition. (because you know the kitty-loving recipient of the card will want to put it on the fridge, bulletin board or even in a frame). The paper is a thick, high-quality card stock. The cards have rounded corners and the finish is a nice, smooth matte.


Here are some details shots of all the images in the two sets.

The Draper cards are now available!

Musselman Cards are now available!

If you'd like to check them out, or pick up a set or two, please visit the IBKC Etsy shop. If you order today by 2:00 (Pacific TIme) they'll go out in today's post.

If you order both sets, I'll be throwing in a couple of extra IBKC cards to show my appreciation.

We still have Fortunato, Darlings, limited quantities of Ashby and Pettibone cards too. (We've sold out of Butterbean, Pickett, Davenport and Lovejoy sets)

Click HERE to visit the IBKC Etsy shop.

Sit tight,, I've got another post coming up shortly that I guarantee will make you crack a smile.


  1. oooh! I've giving my sets away as gifts. I may have to buy a set for myself! So cute!

  2. Would love a Drewey set someday.

  3. Anon,,, I don't know that I'll do an all Drewey set, but maybe a Charlene and Drewey combo set with pics of them individually and together. We'll see.....

  4. I think these should be playing cards. "Woo hoo, three toe beans! Read 'em and weep."

  5. Always liked that Millie picture, sad because Perry had been chewing on her whiskers.. :) Arthur's yoga pose was cute too.


    If they could only stay little. :)



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