Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Boy and His Toy

Oooh, ooooh,,, what's that? A bird??
OH YAY! Time for some one-on-one with the feather wand!





The feather wand is always a favorite with all the kittens. The Lytteltons are a little TOO crazy for the wand, so it's kept out of sight, and then pulled out for single kitten play only. Otherwise, it just gets a little too heated... and no one wants to share. Perhaps you recall a certain smokey tabby girl who got her grip on it a while back....

You can see the wand gets lots of playtime... just compare the number of feathers in today's pictures versus the number of feathers in these pictures.

It's well loved, that's for sure.


  1. It's a fact. Feathers = Fun!
    xx Lounge Kats

  2. I bought my cats a really cool straw ball with feathers sticking out of it. It lasted all of a few days before it was defeathered and totally ignored. I realized that feather toys have to on a stick and played with supervision, otherwise, the kitties just kill the birdies.

  3. Ahh, feathers, what kittie doesn't like feathers? I have a little tux girl who loves-loves-loves the turkey feathers my sis collects for her (naturally shed and then washed.) Fortunately, she doesn't eat them, but have had babies in the past that did.. Mostly it's been a girl thing in my house...

  4. we can't keep feather wands at the house... cash loves them! he has gone throught about 3 this year. we should just buy them by the case...

  5. My kitties loved those when they were young! Both of them played together going after it!!!

  6. My Daphne loves swingy feather toys too - she goes bananas and destroys them in about 4 seconds flat. She's so silly and funny about it. :)

  7. SylvestermiasmommaApril 27, 2010 at 1:53 PM

    Feather on a wand is always a treat for the kittens. I still have the feather wand from when my tuxie kitty was a kitten of course minus 98% of the feathers. He would do backward somersaults to try to catch it. My silver tabby will destroy my living room trying to catch it so we have to be careful too.

  8. my 9 destroys anything with feathers. He also plays fetch with them as well. So cute!

  9. Kodkak and Kenai's momApril 27, 2010 at 4:30 PM

    I'm going to have to buy a feather toy. Your kitties are good salesmen, errr, salescats. Thinking back I don't my cats have ever had one. I only have two kitties so hopefully they will share it.

    Catnip is a no-no in my house. It makes the two of them go wild and they fight over the catnip and/or the catnip toy and it gets violent.

  10. Let me tell you. A feather wand plus a 16 pound marmie boy with a wild streak is a dangerous operation in this home. When I buy a feather toy, I make sure it has a very very long wand.

  11. Ezra, you could give lessons on being an adorable little boy cat!

  12. ROFL!! Yes, feather toys have a quick demise, even among adult kittehs, here.

    And I really appreciate that whole one on one thing. I just commented over at 50K that I need to keep the grown ups apart when playing with the sacred red dot, lest one take umbrage that another has touched it!

  13. Boy kitty is too cute, but more gentle with the wand than his sis. She is a wild one!

    My goofy Marbles carries a feather wand (ANY feather wand) in her mouth meowing like crazy.

    I guess somewhere in her brain she has flashes of 'gotta feed my kittens' or something. Scared me the first time I heard it 10+ years ago.

    Now the indignities of age preclude brisk feather toy play :-( but there is still an enjoyment of a relatively leisurely swing & swoosh.

  14. Ours never last long either ~ 'cos mom said we get too ruff wiv them. But we tell her, we're not ruff, we're just having FUN! Boys need to have fun.

  15. There's something about those little paws on the window that is just too cute...!! What a sweet black morsel of kitty-ness...



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