Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bigger Lytteltons




We've had a round of meet and greets, and so far, four out of six have found their homes. We're still searching for that perfect place for Ms Pia and Ms Gia, so if you know of quality family in search of a pair of cutie-pies, please send them our way!

The pictures above are of Ms Fern in her new Mama's loving hands.

The Lytteltons were very slow growers at first, but all have seriously kicked it into gear over the past week. Their appetites are HUGE and you would not believe the number of empty kitten food cans accumulating in my recycling bin! Six growing kittens eat a LOT!

Right now they consume about five cans a day between the six of them, plus their crunchies. They're burning a lot of calories just growing... and then there's all that bouncing, climbing, pouncing, chasing, rolling, romping, and running they do. They've got to keep their fire fueled.

The boys are both over the two pound mark. Ridley's belly is insanely huge right now. When viewed from above, it looks like he's swallowed an avocado whole. (and I mean one of those giant $3 kind of avocados.. not the $1 Safeway special ones ones from Chile)

The girls aren't quite there yet. At the rate they're going, It shouldn't be tooooo much longer before they reach two pounds.

Crazy! How did that happen? I swear they just moved in the other day.


  1. Nooooooooooooooo... they can't leave already!! :( They DID just get here!! We've hardly had a chance to get to know them.


  2. Kodiak and Kenai's momApril 14, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    Just curious Laurie, and you don't have to answer if you don't want, but who pays for all that kitten food? Does the Humane Society give you food when you foster a litter, or do you pay for it yourself?

    Little Ms Fern looks like she's in a kitty coma, enjoying those chin scritches.

  3. anon,, they're not leaving yet,,, don't worry , we've still got some time with them.

    K and K's mom.. The HS provides the dry, but we buy the wet, which I don't mind doing at all.

  4. SylvestermiasmommaApril 14, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    Awww..they all have homes. I would love Pia and Gia but Sylvester would not be amused. Unfortunately I am limited to two kitties otherwise I would be on my way to crazy cat lady status with ten cats.

  5. I can't believe they are almost ready to leave! They just got there with you!! It's good to know we have a little more time though because they sure are sweet! Debbie

  6. People should be lining up for such darling perfect angels! Especially Pia and that tail of hers!

  7. Fern is my favourite (don't tell the others)

  8. I wish that I could take Miss Pia and Miss Gia in. I love Pia's little donut tail!!!

  9. Well I'm glad they're not QUITE ready to leave yet -- girls, slow it down a little bit! But wait, don't stop growing! (haha) :)

    As for Mr. Ridley a.k.a. avocado belly, that is just too funny!!!

  10. Awwwww ~ well wiv all that playing they need plenty of food. So I'm sure being a greedy-guts doesn't come into it! Tee hee!

  11. OMG, I am one cat away from the crazy lady status!! Good thing I don't live close enought or I would be putting in a bid for the girls. (and would be right over the CL edge..) Are the other four going in twos???

  12. Oh no, Laurie! I just let out a SQUEAL at WORK looking at those photos. My cover is so blown.

  13. What lucky new families, I bet Pia and Gia will find homes very soon they are so adorable. Not sure what the number is for crazy cat lady status - but I have three and the hubby calls me that now! Just curious, how were the other 4 Lyttleton's paired up in their new homes?

  14. Awww how cute! Our mummy loves to watch little kittens because we 3 came as grown cats into her life and she wants her kitten fix! I'm sure Pia and Gia will find homes very very soon! purrs, Kitty Trio

  15. From this it seems Fern is maybe going it on her own? Or is Laurie just playing with us? That tiny little V shaped face of Fern's is magnificent. So like my perfect Beatrix. Lucky new mom, lucky little Fern.

  16. Now Anne,, I didn't she was going alone, I didn't say she was going with another,,, I just said that's Fern with her mom. Period. : )

  17. Laurie is SNEAKY
    But the Lyttletons are adorables!
    I don't like the idea of them leaving the IBKC arena...
    But I DO like the idea of them getting a forever a couple months....sigh.

    I can hardly wait to see how they are going out to their new homes...

  18. Oh, Laurie, how you toy with us as if we are mylar balls!



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