Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Things First


I've a special post coming up soon, ( trust me, you're going to LOVE it), but first Bean wanted me to say "thanks".

I shared with her all of your lovely birthday wishes and she just wanted to let you know how much she appreciates them. She's feeling very loved and is so very happy to have you in her life.

Thanks so much for making her day a special one. She sends buddy bumps and purrs your way.

Thank you lovely friends.



  1. Buddy Bumping back to the Birthday girl and her entire family.

    Waves From Houston

  2. Happy belated Birthday Butterbean!
    xoxox Cori, Albert and Elvis

  3. The thanks should be coming from us out here in IBKC land. So, THANKS< and can't wait for the impending post!

  4. Thank you very much!! We love your ITKC and Butterbean is so beautiful...she should be on all kinds of magazine covers!! I'm glad she had a wonderful birthday with many many more to come!

  5. Bean, you look exhausted after all your partying.

  6. Hey Beautiful!! Your birthday should be a weeklong celebration!

  7. Oh no I missed Charlene's birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Charlene. You are the best surrogate kittie mommah ever and you have inspired me to foster kitties too!

  8. What Anne Boleyn said ('cept I already saw the post 'cause it was no longer impending!). Your mom sure celebrated the day with lots of posts for your fans, Charlene! It's been awesome!

  9. Is there an official We Love Bean day? Wait, a minute, that's every day!

    My what lovely floof you have there Ms. Bean.

  10. Julius&#39; MommyMarch 16, 2010 at 8:42 PM

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Bean! I just love how it looks as if she is wearing a full-length fur coat and long black opera gloves...*heehee* Julius says HI!

  11. Beautiful kitteh!!! Must...rubb...that...fluffy....belly...now!!!!big kiss from France and "joyeux anniversaire" Charlene!!



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