Friday, December 4, 2009

Orangie Answers!

And the answers to yesterdays challenge are...

1. Rhoda Darling
2. Millie Draper
3. Harlan Lovejoy
4. Neville Lovejoy
5. Gordon Draper
6. Perry Draper
7. Francine Darling
8. Nelson Lovejoy
9. Lovell Pickett

Thanks for playing along! And nice work Scientific Chick who guessed ALL of them correctly!


  1. Congrats, Scientific Chick! Your prize is a visit with any kitten in the Cattery! :)

  2. Heh, I already volunteer at my local shelter, and I have a needy kitty at home... :)

    But thanks for the prize anyway! If I was closer, I'd take it!

  3. Wow, Scientific Chick, I'm totally impressed. I could not tell even ONE of them apart from the others. Way to go.



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