Thursday, December 24, 2009

Need I Remind You.....


Thank you,

The Management


  1. That's cute! I've had my share of potty emergencies of a kitten sort - they can't swim, but occasionally they want to give it a try!

  2. Splish - splash, here comes another bath!

    And not one provided by the Bean!

  3. Oh my... I hope nobody ended up going for an accidental dip....

  4. oh but they can swim...they just have trouble getting out.
    happy holidays!

  5. LOL.. I have 2 4-month olds, my lids are always in the down position too. Just too much temptation otherwise, not to mention smudgy little wet pawprints all over the seat if I forget.

    Probably one reason why I called one of them "Smudge". :)

  6. That's so cute!!! One of my kitties used to love to drink out of it or at least just look down in it...I guess watching for fish!!

  7. I read two hidden messages in this notice:

    1) The kittens in the house are definitely perky enough now to try to hop up onto the toilet seat. In this case that reads as "good news". :-D

    2) In your house, the burning question isn't about whether the ring should be left up or down but about who forgot to close the lid again...

    (I remember visiting a cat family where visitors where also reminded not to close the bathroom door when coming out after finished business, because the cats' sandbox was in the bathroom...)

  8. I had a similar sign in my bathroom when my first one was tiny. But I didn't have such a cute drawing to go with it.

  9. My Rascal ued to fall in--you'd hear an incensed yowl, then scrabbling toenails. And if you slept through that, sitting down on wet pawprints was a good indicator



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