Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We're expecting a houseful of dear friends, including three little ones just under two years. As much as I'm missing having kittens around, with all the activity , it's probably best we don't have them underfoot.

I have so much to be thankful for this year, and YOU are a the top of my list. You all are amazing, you're always here for us. I appreciate your support and thoughtfulness. I appreciate all the lovely things you say. I appreciate every single penny you generously gave to our fundraiser. I appreciate how you love our little kittens, Charlene , and Drewey, just like they're your own. I am so thankful you are a part of our lives.

I'm not the only one who appreciates you. All of the folks at the Humane Society do too, and Marguerite, the director of development, wanted me to pass this message along ...

Dear Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Community:

It’s been four months since Dog-A-Thon 2009, our annual fundraising walk for shelter dogs and cats. This was a special year for us here at the shelter, because we’ve never before had a group like you come together with such passion and enthusiasm to help homeless kitties.

It was inspiring and heartwarming for the shelter staff to visit IBKC every day and see the donations coming in from all over Washington, all over the country, and all over the world!

We want you to know that the collective efforts of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, which raised more than $23,000 altogether, has already made a difference in the lives of cats and kittens here at the Humane Society, and for that we are truly, and eternally grateful!

The Butterbean Quarantine, which the IBKC funds helped complete, officially began use October 1st. Cats brought in by their owners go there to be quarantined for three days, then vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and placed for adoption in either a lobby cage or at one of our pet store venues. Kittens are quarantined separately, and strays go to the original cat room, where they have more room and are less likely to become ill.

The hope was that more cats will be adopted if people are able to choose from a selection of healthy, acclimated cats and kittens who were already altered and vaccinated, and ready to go home right away.

So how is it working? Well, during the month of October, 53 more cats and kittens were adopted compared to September, reversing the usual fall decline in adoption!

We are excited about the new Butterbean room, and new cat adoption protocol. And we know we owe it all to you, wonderful IBKC community cat lovers! Thank you again so very much, from every single cat here at the shelter, and especially from every kitty whose life is being saved, and every family whose life is enriched by a cat adoption… all because of your generosity and compassion. THANK YOU!!!

Have a glorious day, everyone. I wish my table sat a squillion so I could have you all over for dinner.

We love you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

xoxo Laurie, Craig, Drewey and Charlene


  1. A most stupendous Thanksgiving to all of you, and I'll bet that Laurie is thankful that she doesn't have to fend off 4 little mouths while they're trying to eat their dinner tonight. :)

    Thanks to Laurie for all that you do for the Itty Bitties, and for all of the smiles and aaahs and ooohs that you give to us.

    Sue Weldon

  2. A lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  3. I am super thankful for the IBKC (Laurie, Craig, Charlene & Drewey). All you do for cats and raising awareness of how incredibly wonderful cats are - well - it's just awesome!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the permanent committee members, Laurie Craig, Butterbean, and Drewey!

    Thank you for enriching my life by enriching the lives of so many kittens and sharing their triumphs with all of us.

    Enjoy your turkey - and here's hoping Charlene and Drewey get a bite of whatever treat they love most.

  5. Laurie, I am thankful for you and all of the IBKC family, with a special shout out to The Bean. Thanks for posting that letter; it is good to hear first hand how the monies raised are being used. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Wow, I must be sleep-deprived or something, but that letter almost made me cry.

    Thank you, Laurie, for giving us a daily dose of cuteness!

  7. The letter DID make me cry (a happy cry tho!).
    To the IBKC "home team" feline and human - Thank you for taking care of each other and all those itty bitties who have come through your door!

    I am thankful for your generosity and creative storytelling with words and images!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to the IBKC crew. Thanks for all that you do.

  9. It was difficult to read this post, what with tears falling freely and all. This is the first blog I began reading regularly, and after checking out several others (some of which I've never read again; ack!), the IBKC remains my absolute favorite. More than "just" a blog, this is a true community of like-minded folks, kind souls all. I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of it, and offer my sincere thanks to Laurie, Craig and the Wonder Girls for who they are and what they do. Love, Lynda

  10. Tearing up a bit here. The Dog-o-thon experience was so inspiring. Well done Laurie! Using your artistic powers to make the world a better place.

  11. So wonderful to hear about the work being done to find kitties homes - thank you! That's the best Thanksgiving gift we could have received. :) I adopted both of my kitties from my local shelter - I can't imagine a better way to add fuzzy babies to my family!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Laurie, as well as your supporters and readers! xoxo

  12. Dearest Laurie and all who dwell in your house of love: Back at you, a thousand-fold. many blessings on you and all you do for the best beings on this planet.

    christine - the official namer of Oliver!

  13. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Laurie, Craig, Charlene & Drewey. And all of you in IBKC land. Sniffle sniffle.

  14. What a wonderful message!! It is so great to hear how all the little and big kitties are benefiting from such a dedicated, loving and resourceful place.

    I am from North of the border but wish all the IBKC lovers and Itty Bitty Kitties a happy Thanksgiving.

    A special happy Thanksgiving to you Laurie, Craig, Charlene & Drewey for all you do for these little ones..making the world a soft and fuzzy filled Itty Bitty at a time :)

  15. This made me weep buckets.

    It is so wonderful to read of the ways the Fundraiser is helping improve the lives of kittens and cats, and all because of Laurie's lovely loving IKBC community.

    It makes me so happy every day to see your beautiful photos and read your wise and loving words about these gorgeous little souls who are so lucky to have you nurture them. I love to see what a sweet and serious mother Charlene is to ALL her foster babies.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Laurie, Craig, the Bean and Drewey! And to all the fur-ever parents of the IKBC grads (and from ALL shelters everywhere). Thank you for caring, and for opening your lives to your beloved babies.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, Laurie, Craig, Butterbean, Drewey, and all of those near and far, who like me, feel honored to be allowed the rare and wonderful privilege of being invited into Laurie's life, and falling in love over and over with each new tiny kitten. This truly is a wonderful place.

  17. Great post. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  18. Wow--knowing what we did together is really something to be thankful for.

    Laurie, Craig, Sue, Drewey, and Charlene Butterbean, thanks for letting us share in the itty bitties' lives and your lives as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

  19. And a very Happy Thanksgving to you also!

    Kathy M.

  20. Sign me up for "cried when he/she read the letter."

    What a wonderful gift. I loved hearing that the BBQ is already making a difference.

    Especially during the Dog-a-thon (which I like to think of as the Kitten Fund Raiser) I wrote several discourses on how inspiring it has been to feel like part of this little community - united through support and admiration for Laurie, Craig, Charlene, and of course, the cantankerous Drewey.

    This blog lifts my spirits when they're low, brightens my day when things are going poorly, and gives me hope when I'm feeling despondent. That someone out there cares so much for each little kitten angel they meet - it gives me joy and revives me spiritually to know it. I've said it before: there's so much horrible material on the internet, so much ignorance spread about like sand on a beach... this is something good, something pure that I can look to and say, "It's not all bad out there."

    Thanks for doing what you do - being such a caring foster family - and creating this little haven in the vast internet to which we can retreat.

    Darin Sujjavanich
    (and Daltrey, and Jonah)

  21. Many tears here too. It's sad that any kitty of any age has to find themselves at the humane society, so knowing that we made a difference in 53 kitty lives in such a short time is a wonderful thing.

    53 more cats had a happy thanksgiving!

  22. We appreciate and are thankful for yoo too. Without such kindhearted people as yoo, the world would be a terrible place for animals.

  23. what they said....truly, from my heart as well. You know, we're all part of groups and families: some we're born to, others we become by virtue of living arrangements or classrooms, some are work colleagues. I have all of these, but THIS family, the IBKC family,made up of kittens and Laurie &c and fellow readers and fellow commenters and those who have the good fortune of being Forever Homes....well, this is one of my bestest favorite families. May all cats find themselves in homes where THEY are the "Charlene Butterbeans." My personal belief is that a home without a cat is lacking; a home with NO pet is empty.

    For all those homes you've completed and enriched, thank you, dear ones.

  24. Yeah, what they said... wiping tears too.

    I am so thankful for this wonderful place and everyone who is part of it.

  25. Thank YOU IBKC and family...this is truly a wonderful site. And the lovely letter from the Humane Society. Fab work everyone! *wipes eyes too*




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