Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gordon and Millie, Luella and Perry.

Yep, that's how The Drapers paired off.

They are perfectly paired, and their new families are really, really lovely folks. I think you would approve.

Gordon and Millie were the first to depart this weekend. Kelly, their new dad, is a super nice guy and first time cat owner. He came down with his girlfriend, Leslie, to pick them up. I know he's going to make an excellent kitty daddy, it's clear he loves his kittens already.

Kelly and Leslie are friends of our friends, Chris and Carrie. AND the wonderful family that adopted Luella and Perry, are friends of Kelly and Leslie! I always love it when our kittens stay in the family. Hopefully we'll be able to keep close tabs on all four Draper kittens.

Here are a few pictures from our last days with Millie and Gordon. Later, I'll do a post devoted to the other Draper duo.









  1. I guessed wrong, but it sounds like a great pairing, and hopefully these babies will see all four of each other often.

    Please pet Butterbean for me, she must miss these sweeties!

  2. i cannot properly express how much i love your blog. every new post brings a huge smile to my face and completely melts my heart. thank you for your blog and more importantly thank you for what you do for all this beautiful babies!! xx

  3. Yay for the sweeties, off to a new home TOGETHER! Warms my heart when a kitten can stay with a sibling :)

  4. So glad they are going together. I wonder if little Millie will be a tiny adult cat? Can't wait to find out.

  5. Awww that first picture!! You can barely tell whose limbs are whose. Socute.

  6. Aww, mixed pairs. I can tell by the pictures that Gordon is going to be very protective of little mischievous Millie

  7. Awwww, they can visit each other!
    Happy new homes, little ones :) We'll miss you.

  8. Yay, another successful adoption! I love coming to this website for all the wonderful kitty pictures. Thank you for helping them all.

  9. They always look so grownup in their collars.

    Yay for forever homes!

  10. You know, even if I was wrong in my guess - this seems just *perfect* that Millie and Gordon are heading out together...especially after seeing these wonderful pictures. And I am pretty certain I will feel the same way when I see the Perry and (sob) Luella pictures (though I can already guarentee tears!) Big brother Gordon does look so protective toward little Millie. And how wonderful all four kits will still be 'in the family!' Updates often, please, dear new families!

  11. Those little ginger kitties are gorgeous!

  12. These pics are beyond precious! OMG! The one where Gordon is sleeping on his nose on the back of the couch...there just aren't words for the cuteness! and Millie, with her little butt sticking out of the box... makes me faint dead away from cute!

  13. Gordon looks so grown-up! His face has really elongated and turned into more of a cat face than a kitten face. I'm glad they found a good home!

  14. Beautiful portraits. It's so nice the kitties will be "in the family" still!

  15. Miss Milly and Mr Gordon - they are my faves....

    They are very, very lucky for their start in life. I am so happy I found out about the IBKC.

  16. How lovely that each got to stay with a sibling. It warms our hearts. We so hope that now and again we'll get an update photo and see how these adorable little ones grow up. We wish them love and luck in their noo homes.

  17. It's so so wonderful that the kitties have been adopted with a brother/sister. That is good stuff! Yea for adoptions!!!

  18. I am glad to hear about the babies' new starts. I know you and Craig (and Charlene) are very careful and deliberate about choosing forever homes for all of your young charges - and it does make me very happy to hear about the lucky winners!

    I especially love that Millie and Gordon are going to a first-time cat daddy! Can you imagine, your first kitties being an adorable pair like this??? He's about to embark on a life of loving kitty cats... and it's a full one indeed!

    I still remember how it happened for me (dog person!). I had gotten a kitten for my boyfriend, who loves cats. I was working as a vet tech at the time and had no pets of my own. He then had to move into an apartment which did not allow animals - so Daltrey came to stay with me.

    She took up residence, found herself a nice throne, and started her reign as princess.



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