Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Final Pumpkin Post


It's been a fun night. We've got our pumpkins on the porch, and the kittens in the window. The kids are LOVING the Drapers on display. Of course, they are THE perfect little Halloween kittens.

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday, and all your pets are tucked away safe and sound.


Happy Halloween!

Laurie, Craig, Drewey, Charlene, Perry, Gordon, Luella and Millie.


  1. oh, I wish I wasn't sick, or I'd drive around Tacoma looking for the best Halloween display EVER!

  2. Such great pumpkins and little Millie is just perfectly posed there. Happy Halloween!

  3. Miss Millie has such AWESOME accessories!

    Your neighborhood is SO lucky to have such an incredbile holiday display!

  4. Millie, Millie, Millie! I love that little ball of orange fluff!

  5. I was sick, so I arose from my chair only to answer the door for trick or treaters. My cats are generally cowards...the only cat willing to stay visible is my halloween cat - all black.

  6. Oh goodness, you guys were just too cute! We hope that you got lots of lovin' and some extra treats,too☺

  7. Laurie...check out this video:

    The kitty on the left has Charlene's old costume! HAHAHAHA....

  8. That smaller punkin in the first pic is beautifully carved. Oh, wait- that's Millie!

  9. Wonderful! My Evangeline (blackkitty) stays in the basement during treat time. She's safe, she never runs to the door - but our memories and interest in history remember times when these were not good times for old ladies and kitties. We play it conservative {grin}



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