Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloweens of Yesteryear

Halloween Still Life with Albert Livermore
Here are a few links to Halloween posts from the past...

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlene Butterbean
Little Miss Bean and her first Halloween.

Albert Allen Poe
He perched, and sat, and nothing more...

The BOOviers
Sweet little pumpkins...

Happy Hallow-Bean and Candy Corny
Anxiously await the trick-or-treaters...

More spider wranglin'...
With Albert and Davy


  1. What a wonderful trip down memory lane! Loved the baby Bean footage.

  2. Albert and Elvis nee. Davy were the cutest IBKC kitties EVER!!! Love Anonymous, a.k.a., their

  3. Ha ha! The video of the Bean playing with the mini pumpkin was priceless. I loved when she picked it up by the stem and dropped it.

  4. I remember these shots! Ahhhh, dear little Albert. Loving all the Halloween shots and these trips down memory lane. Thank you!

  5. I remember some of these! The video was new to me cute she was!

  6. Please please - can you update us on the Livermores. I totally just fell in love with Albert (again) :)



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