Friday, September 25, 2009

Best of the BeanCam: Day Two

Charlene captures Drewey
I was hoping Charlene would capture a shot of her elusive sister before the week was out.... and yep, yesterday she did.

Poor little camera shy Drewey.

To view more of Charlene's BeanCam pics, click here.
To view pics from the other 49 cats, click here.


  1. I heart Drewey. So glad the Bean captured her on ... uh, digital.

  2. It looks to me as if Drewey wanted to be certain her face was purrfectly clean before any photo ops.

  3. i think the Bean is the best kittie photographer of them all so far, she seems to have a gift for photography.
    (she must get that from her mama)

  4. Laurie, do you know the frequency with which the pictures are taken?

  5. I wonder why she hides under the bed all the time.

  6. I like that not one but several of the photos have Charlene's whiskers in them :)

  7. G- It's set take a pic every 15 minutes.

  8. that is so cool that she got a picture of Drewey!

  9. I'm thinking that Drewey is all about the feminine mystique. She makes us wonder about her, contemplate her, imagine her. She doesn't give us too much -- just enough to pique our interest and keep us yearning for just a little more Drewey ... "Where IS she?" "What's she doing?" "What's she like?" Or, she could just be slightly crabby and a little reclusive (like me). Yeah, it's one of those two things.

    Either way, I find her intriguing, I'm glad Charlene captured her in her native environment. And I hope that Charlene didn't saunter over and give Drewey a swat!

  10. Am I the only one captivated by the geometric shapes and shadows Ms. CB seems to be gathering. She seems to be drawn to those shapes, or at least stares at them for 15 minutes or more.

    Girl gots math going on in her head :-)

  11. more than 1300 views already. We all want to know what's on the mind of charlene!

  12. Yeah, I agree with CLWaller. Math Cat. Most definitely Math Cat.

    Charlene's all Pythagorean theorum but she wouldn't want to be him, acute angle with a rhinestone bangle, equilateral triangle when there's no kitties to wrangle, cosine without being porcine -- but mostly, she's about diameter (skip the pedometer). Give her two points to define a line, and she'll take the rhombus straight over to tetrahedron, and she'll be hypotenusing all over the place like nobody's business.

    And she loves Pi. Particularly apple Pi.



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