Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Last Thank You...

I wanted to cut and paste our list of donors from the sidebar into a permenant post so I'll never forget all of you fabulous people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you once again for making our fundraiser for the Humane Society such a HUGE success:

Anne Boleyn Pole, Ms Maddie Bouvier-Bevilacqua-Cornwell, Mary T, Anon, Edward and Inez Davenport, Jugglernaut, Anon, Milo and Sophie, Stephanie, Summer, Amanda, Dr Phyll, Shari, Hazel and Furgus, Alissa, Calvin, and Teddy, Anon, Rosie and Oliver, Mary Ann Zastrow, Julia, Catonsville Cats, Cindy Zawalich, Jonni, Elisa rassen, Koren and Milly, Jen, Mary, GT, Caroline, Mama Kitty, Mari, Phoenix Wing, Lisa (Hubble Space Paws), Anna, Heidemarie, GD, Jeanne, Annie R, Alice Straus, Anon, Nimjabob, Meephome, Anon, Lisa, Moose Ridge, Anonymous, Pamela Allen, Ellen H, In Memory of Jake, Anonymouse, Christine, Angie, Heather H, Elizabethb, Rita, Marlene Hirose, Brooke Byrd, Butters and Murphy, FondaHonda, Sharon, Toni, Sparkling Spirit, Virtkitty, Grey Ghost, Agnes and Henry "Carmine" Pettibone, Darin, "Al" Duffy, Bobaloo, Laura and Jacob Herritt, Berthamae, Virgil, Leon and Evelyn, Nance, Jen, Percy and Olive, Clovis and Rupert Ashby, Kendra, Ken and Kona, Anne F, Dunkel and Otto, Tanya Sloan, Laura, Trudy and Lyle, Joanne, Robin, Oliver and Minnie, Opalina, Me-Me, Snowy and Stinkerbelle, Karey Uhler and Ben Schueler, Katboxjanitor, Toes and Marbles, Hyacinth, Dewi Casgwent, Sherlyn, Peter, and litte Viktor Tuxington, Ohlookachicken, Nichole, Jack and Katia, Katie, Danielle Friedle, Loretta, Colette and Laura, Toni Wilson, Sparky, Tiny, Scooter, Rosie, Minnie, Franny and Iris, Anonymous, Meg, Emmett and Clementine, Olympia Cat Army, Deodand, Patti, Arielle, Jus Me, Angela Moreno, Marcy Morfin, Anonymous, Kathy Buchli, Cath Makin, Andrea, Laura and Roger, Cozy and Zarquon, Anon, Lisa H, Margo, Anne Boleyn Pole (again!), Kajivar, Doodle Bean, Kristen Mcdonald, Laura, Juanita, Amy and the House of Cats, Pussytoes, Shea Sundstol, Juliana, Karen T, Odie and Mickey, Andrea, Diane M, Sam's Lackey, Cori Martinelli, Juniper, Wicopy, Rebs, Kate, Kelly, Tammy, Melissa R, Anonymous, Paul Cat, Sophie Kitty and their human, Meg, Lizzie of the Once-Itty, Now-Biggy Piggy Committee, WendyKnits and Lucy, Cheri Linehan, Maddie Bouvier-Bevilacqua-Cornwell's Texas Grandma, Sandra D, Sandy E, Kristin B, Everythingearin, Monty, Dolly and Cupcake Cinotto, Snack, Buddy and Gravy, Cagney and Lacey, Anon, Priti Damle, Mokie, Anon, Eloiseariel, Susan, Koni Olson, Putt-Putt, Burl, Gonzo, Miep, Dot and Trudi, Reid, Brennan and Eliot, the FABULOUS folks at Cute Overload, Momo, Molly, Mia and their humans D & A, Anon, Casanova, Bettina and Dahlia, Scigirl, Darsa, Connie Marcia, Owen's mom, Hai Mai, Whitney, Brenda, Ming, Dusty and Peanut, and Tarzan and Kazoo's Mom, Judy Breeden, Karen, Linda K. Cunningham, Buckethead and Miss T (for trouble) Anne Boleyn AGAIN, Lisa, Subduct, Christine, Elaine, Judy, Jennifer, Audrey, Anon, Zipper's Mama, Amy Freeman, Elena, Sarah Miller, Irene and Marko, Beth, Ann-Eve Cunningham, Catmama and the Hubby, Kim, The Pet Museum, Albert and Elvis Livermore and their proud mama, Laura N, Utahkittykisser, Jennifer Roth, Kitty, Alison, Just Bec, Darci, Milo and Daisy, Hallie, Cypriss, Posie, Martina and Lil' Cherry, Daisy Chelsea Bird, CatlessinTO, Sara, Hildur Gleason, Steve Brondos, Chris Carroll, Laiane, Emma and the Boy Cats, Anon, Christine, Peeve and Commander Robot, Clwaller, Katey, Charlene's BFF, Nicholas Nyland, Dedicated Dourly, Natasha, Cynthia Supernant, Ms. Maddie Bouvier-Bevilacqua-Cornwell (again!!!), Holly and Claire Wolf, Angie, Coni Bright, Baby Cat's Mom, Laura "Bird", KT3000, JLR, RedLaRossa and DavidTW, Christine (again!!, One Love Photo, Amy Senn, Blue Moon Harrison, Anon, K (on behalf of Gigi and Django), Hubie Darling, Cagney and Lacey (AGAIN!!) JasonInIllinois, Stewie, Morty and Violet, 95 feet and the two humans that care for them, Gwen, Anju, Chris and Jon, Tilda and Margot, Bandit and Ginger, Anne F (Again!!), Jill Agro, D and S White, Linda S, Martha Larson, Jenny n Mike, Mila Webb, Anne Boleyn (in memory of her Daddy), Cally's Person, Berry, Mimi and Rose Walden, Pepper and Scout, Toni, Otis, Oliver and Emma, Mr P and Mrs Button, Kim, Nate, Tate and Mavis, Archie, Maggie, Lily and Cuyahoga, Anon, Cynthia Suprenant, Dulcinea, MeanderingMel, Tanya Sloan (and Mishka and Shasha) AGAIN!!, Kat MacNeely, Natasha, Zindzi, Akira amd Zia, Rebs, Jana Kulas, Amy and Dave Gonigam, Dewi Casgwet (AGAIN!), Olivia, Kathleen Johnson, Wyatt and Molly Moonpie, Puddin Shaffer, Anne F (AGAIN)!! Dale-Harriet in WI, Clare, Hallie, Cypriss, Posie Martina (Tina) and Cherry, Bella Olson-Baehr, Monster and Henry, Smokeysmom, Janis Taylor, Mercredi, Ella, Otis and Murray Bryant, Kittyroxx, James Mitchell, DustPuppyOI, Cagney and Lacey (again!!!!), Rita, debsimoes2000, Baxter's Mom, GT (again!!!), Rose Mc Cataloon, Nicole, Summer, Smokey and Misty, Morgan W, Sara Nuccio, Eleanor, waterdragon687, Alys, Kleinwort, Hubble Space Paws, Jenna, Judy H, Cath and David Makin, Katherine Tallant, Chanter, Tara, Kristen Turner, Christine (again!), Rachel, Toni, Dan Bailey, The Lewis Cats (Scout, William and Cisco), Anna Caryle and Chloe-kitty, Marjorie, Darin (again!) Anon, Katie, Angel0886, Ohlookachicken (Again!) Jenna Lander, Anon, Nutella Nutterson, Honeibee, Christine the Rounder-Upper, Ipo's mom Brittany, Rebecca Przybycien, sdu, Elaine Hussain, NatyB88, Elissa Patterson, Kafeinikov, otto, Ueli and Bruna Schueler, Cheyenne's Mom, Thorn, Marie Godsey, Marlene Hirose, Isa Leschko, Brian Aydemir, Bj and KalBelle, alh, Annie Fisher, KP, Brian Aydemir (Again!!) Norlyn and Onyx Fils-Aime, Pinky Boy, AR, Fenn Pumba, Poe and Po, Gary Family and their kitties, Cynthia Suprenant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Elinor, Two formerly homeless cats, Cheri Linehan (again), Sylvestermiasmomma, Martha Larson (again!!), gypsybaker, Lovely Lisa, (again!!)Catena, Sweetiewolfie, Noodle, Olive and Patti, Brooke R, Max-Cat and P-Cat, Tim Z, Katy and Jerry (the cat whisperer), Tori Warden, Kathy Klinge, Cynthia Gonsalves, Scientific Chick, Paige Hafer, Katharine Beutner, Brooke Byrd, Butters, Murphy and now Zeke! (again!), Eliana, Maddie's Texas Family (again!!), Meg, The Hinkletons, Alice and Patrick, Seminolelinda, Stephanie, Yuri, Susan, Karen Wheeler, Rita, Christine, Lynn, Xena, Purl and Ashford, Daisy, Raven and Titch, Neeniebug, Ltkper, Phoenix Wing (again!!) Minomici. Lizzie and Kitty Zouf, ctb 18, Georgia Grl, Staci S, JasonInIllinois (again!!), Miss Emma and her human, Karen), Graham Kitty (with Shiri's wallet), Jaime, Skeeter in KC and Sondra from Montana, Anon, cestar42, Susan Ryan, JMP in Boston, Christine (our rounder-upper), Yukon catlover, Lori K, Linda S, Dana C, Mulderknitter, Anette, Nichole, Jack and Katia, Saya Moriyasu, Edith S, Anju (again!!), FruitFlyGirl, Kermito, Dyaus, Orangekitty, Bruce and Greta, The Lynch Family, Liz, Wilsonova, Jen J, Carla MacLafferty, Shadow (with Meowmy Julie), Elly and Millie, Anon, Fanny, Pearl and the Canadian Moose, Karen, Graham, Gracie and Ellie, Kristine, Heather, Veather, Lisa Kowalczyk, Hobbes and Chloe, Arthur and Penny Loveston, Megan T., Wildmillie, Cody, Cowboy and Chris, Rocky, Nikita and The Housekeeper, Amy and The House of Cats, The Daily Kitten Krew, Tricia, Mollyboo, Laurel NB, Melinda Banks, Anon, Weaverpat, Enia, clwaller, liz668, Sophie Sofasaurus, Bad Hippie, Ajax, Bey, Sev, Margaret, BrianneLee, tattytiara, Ron, Denise, Ingrid and Cotten, Catharine, Calista Brill, Linda Faubel, Beezle Charles Cheeseburgerhead and me, Pocketdoc and Lila, Kama Sutra Anna Livia Plurabelle Bunnycat, Julia and Charlotte, Jessica Hougen, Marishka, Lynds and Yoko, and Christine (the rounder-upper)(again!!), Tamnonlinear and Cynthia M Suprenant (MAJOR rounder-upper)... that's right she took us to 13,000 squillion,,, Amber Padilla, Tina and luis and Vincent(Million Dollar Kittyboyz), Mikkeneko, Catherine, Terry and Dan, Jenny n Mike, The Gary family and thier kitties, Pinky and Chloe DeGraf, Michael Doctor, macdivageek and MoonPie, Fleur and Bear, Buddy and Holly, Kelly Washburn, Amanda, Jenny, Shannon, Lauren, Jane, Max and Pooh, Kirsten and Scott, Anne, Adventure Kitty, Steve and Brenda Truman, Laura, Beachbum and Silly Goodse, Daisy, Cynthia Suprenant, our MAJOR rounder-upper who once again took us over the top. We've hit 14 squillion! Sherman, and Lexie (aka Tink)and Milo, J Wahl, Liz, Gegor's Mom, Pink Trees and Sunshine, Brice and Crystal, Shadow (and Meowmy Julie), Tansy and Mona, Hallie, Tina, Posie, Cypriss, and Cherry, Katie R, fuuchan, Liz from Massachusetts, Lisa and Trudy and Lyle (Again), Kristin, Megan D, Putt-Putt, Burl, Gonzo, Miep, Dot, and Trudi, Sara, Sissy Sassy, In Memory of Meep, Daphne Wilson, Jessica D, Tiffany Davis, Anon, Barthelemys and furkids Penny, Brutus and Nosferatu, Amy and The House of Cats, Colleen Monette, Casey for Ava Tsunami, Townhouselady, Ruth, Tom, and Maia PussPuss from Wales, UK,and Maya Papaya, Elizabeth S, Aliza M, BERDucky, Heather T, J Wahl, Anon, The Walls, Cagney and Lacey (Again!!!!), Zoey and Catherine, Nadine and Miss Bobo, Sir Alastair Digby Vaine-Trumpington, Grey Ghost, Aunty Pol, Paul Kitten, Sophie Cat and Their human, Meg, Murray and Mouse, Old Lady, Amy, Kris Quinn, Anon, Daris S, Emily G, Alexis, Darin and Miss Bewitched, Helen and the Kitties, Kelley O, Valliea, Tessler, and Rae du Soleil, Biggs Sisters, Jer + Shama, Sugi and Tomo, Redwoodforest, Happy and Mary B, Meredith, Ms Butterbean even reached into her floofy pockets to make a small donation, Rebecca, Nudaydreamer, Michelle and Cynthia our superhero ONCE AGAIN rounded us up to an even 17 squillion!! Angela Jane, Lise, Karen, Annabelle and Gus, and Wendy's Aunt Sharon, RedLaRossa and DavidTW (again) Nichole Gervals, The Collins' Cats, Nicole Robichaud, Anon, Kristen and Scott, Anon, Kristen, Jenny, Victoria, Adrienne, Julia, Wincey, Sarah E, Rachel, Otto and Dunkel, Mia, Henry and Taylor, MB and Penelope, Puglette (again!) and Cynthia M Suprenant our super-duper-duper rounder upper who took us to 18 squillion!, Bett W, Jen, Veronika Jones, Paul Cat,Sophia Kitten and their Human, Meg (again!!!), Kathleen L., Murray and Mouse, Gordy Suprenant, Utahkittykisser, marishka, Amyyma, Koren and Milly (AGAIN!!), Tarzan and kazoo's Mom, Ann-Eve Cunningham, S and Odie, GT (Charlene's Boyfriend), Jenn, Laura and Roger, Emma (former shelter kitty), and her Human, karen, AA, Brennan And Eliot, Shelly and Jill, Carys of the 13 and a half cats, 4 cats, a bunny, foster kitties and their human Amy, J.P., Chandra, Gregg, Enzo Furrari and Maggie May, 2.25 Tabies, Anon, Rondi Hanson, Glumplum, Noodle and Olive (and Patti), Graham (with Shiri's wallet), Angie, Barry and the beasties, Pele, Cleo, Twinkie and Harry, kajivar, Mollysusie, miss Sasha and Kitty Cazzy, Mary T, Karey Uhler and Ben Schueler, Robin, Mags, Ingrid and Cotten, Christine (our rounder-upper), Nadine and Miss Bobo, Rita (are wonderful match-maker), Christine W, Michele, Awen (again!!), Lisa, Pixie and Midnight Knapp,, Shadow (and kitty mom Julie) Brixton and Skeeboo, Marlene, 9 and Chani, The Collins' Cats, Walls, Turkey the Wonder Kitty, Deleilan, Christine, Emily Gladstone Cole, Sarah in T-Town, Tamnonlinear, Domesticat, Tasha, Dobby and Franklin, Lisa, Tito, Penny Gemini and Imba, Tori, Thorn, Brooke, Allison, Elisa McEntee and Sheebs, Mo, Di And Barney the Westie, tguidici, Heather, Chaos and mayhem, Cynthia M Suprenant, our Superhero (AGAIN!!!!!!) Linda and Princess Patches the Fluffy, Amanda, Tanya Sloan, Karen T, Amy C, Kittencatt, Mahal, Cagney and Lacey (again!!!) Anon and Pauline L, Anon, Nicole, Liz, Chet and Cecily Davenport, Jodo, Ayse, and Elizabeth H.


  1. So glad to have been a part of this!

  2. Laurie, thanks for your inspiration and creativity. I am glad I could play a small part in the IBKC reaching their ultimate goal of 20 squillion.

  3. It has been a heart-warming experience visiting IBKC-land.

    Exceeding so many goals in a time of difficulties for so many...well, its just purrfectly amazing!

    When will we be seeing more of James and Gaetano?

  4. oh, no...thank you laurie, your hard work and dedication to these little kitties and the humane society are appreciated. it's theleast we can do. please keep up updated on the changes these funds will bring.
    thank you for sharing your kitten love!!



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