Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Link to the Past: Did You Know Kittens Can Fly?

And this is why we called him Wendell J. "Hopps".

flying wendell
Read the full story here.

And for a little more hoppin' action from Wendell, visit here.


  1. I had one of them flyin' cats once. She could land on the back of a kitchen chair, from the dining room.

    The she got older and lost the sight in one eye, and her depth perception along with it. But she never stopped believing she could land that chair.

  2. I wanna be an Airborn Ranger,,,I wanna live a life of danger !"

    LMAO..tooo cute !

  3. AAAaaack! This is bad, very bad, Laurie! Or good, very good, depending on how I look at it!

    Actually, the post was wonderful... but I did follow the link and spent the next hour savoring old posts, right up into Dec 2007! Good grief, it seems like just yesterday!


  4. ahhh..I remember that cute baby Wendell...He does not need wings to fly like that...so sweet..

  5. Do you know if Wendell is still leaping higher than a tall chair?

    The cats' ability to leap is amazing. They know exactly how high to jump so they land gracefully on top of the table, counter, etc.

  6. Wow, supahkitteh!



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