Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Glance at the Fortunatos


This picture was taken in the HS foster room on the day I met the Fortunatos. I had just loaded them into their carrier and they were waiting patiently while we did the paperwork.

This picture makes me itch for more kittens.

We're first in line for another batch. Kitten season is still going strong, so it shouldn't be toooo long.

Until then,, I still have a bunch of Fortunato pics to share with you....


  1. Oh those little worried faces. It's amazing how they transform into confident kitties under your care and of course, Charlene Butterbean's!

  2. omg look at them all piled up together, not sure what's going to happen. They had no idea at the time that they'd just won the foster-home lottery and would soon be in the bestest place ever, where they'd be loved and grow up, and then find wonderful forever homes. Don't worry little ones, it'll be just fine.

  3. they look so worried in that picture! Don't worry, little kittens - it turned out so well!

  4. I agree with everyone! Worried to happy in a couple of easy steps... and that's not even counting the intervention of Charlene!

    A photo of them today would show purring, happy kittehs -- and Gaetano making biscuits on somebody, no doubt.

  5. they are look so SCARE-ED!
    little did they know the amazing little slice of kitten heaven they were going to start their lives in! lucky little loves.

  6. What they said! And everyone filled out and sleeked up so well... *sigh*

  7. Bless their little furry paws, they look so scared!

  8. So teeny weeny and skeered - and then they met the Butterbean & Laurie & everyone else in IBKC land.

    Thanks so much for sharing your hearts!



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