Friday, July 17, 2009

Miss Fortunato


Good morning! I am pleased to introduce the one and only little girl kitty in the Fortunato family.

She's a sweet, smart and out-going little brown tabby, who's as adorable as can be.

Just like her brothers, the naming rights to this little cutie-pie are up for auction too. Just click here to place your bids.

FYI: As I mentioned before, all the names of the folks that donate to our fundraiser will be tossed into a hat and one lucky person will get the naming rights to one of the IBKs. (along with a complete set of IBKC cards) The kitten you get to name will kitten will be from the NEXT litter we take in, not this one.

So, even if you don't get in on the auction, you'll still have a chance to name a kitty (provided you make a donation).

I've got lots of posts planned for today, so be sure to stop back by!

Also,, besides our naming rights auctions, Mimi's beautiful watercolor is still up for auction too. (the auction ends Monday) Click here to check her lovely painting out.

And AS ALWAYS click here if you would like to make a contribution to the campaign. We've cleared 16 squillion and then some!! And that ROCKS!


  1. Nobody betta mess aroun' wit her, or dey'll have to deal wit her brudders.

  2. She's wearing a necklace! Sweet beauty.

  3. Yes, she is wearing a necklace! And I think it is black diamonds! Only the best will do. She is adorable, very sweet little face.

  4. She's already hard at work fundraising! I can't wait to hear the names that are picked.

  5. Taking phone calls already! And who could resist those gorgeous eyes!

  6. Chanter: We're back in the volunteer station of the fundraising campaign. In the foreground, a teeny black telephone (rotary), a teenier red telephone (rotary) (but placed closer to the kitten, so we have some depth in the pic!), and an itsy-bitsy white mug on a table. In the background, the display of the amount raised so far, with an adorable blue backing and a little banner that says "IBKC FUNDRAISER". Front and center, behind the table, we have a tabby kitten, sitting and looking perfectly straight at the camera. She's brown, black, with hints of ruddiness and a tiny bit of white around her mouth, as an expressive eyeliner, and at the top of her breastbone.

    She has an adorable necklace of dark brown that sits right on top of her shoulders. It's hard to tell, but I think her eyes are greenish brown. She has a demure set of fine, white, downturned whiskers and a serious mouth, which seems to say: I've been here for 5 whole minutes, why aren't YOU calling me???

    In the lower right corner, in the background, you glimpse a blurry portion of a back of a kitten head - looking all grey? It might be the little lynx point we met before... Or another brother!

  7. Oh, she and her tabbrother mae a striking pair!

  8. shes beautiful and if i am not mistaken her and her brother 'mr fortunado' are twinsies!
    Pussytoes- that was my first thought as well! what a lovely necklace the little princess is wearing!
    I can hardly wait to see the last two boys!

  9. This is such a great way to raise $ for the shelter! I was the FIRST BIDDER on this kitty! Decided to begin where I was outbid on a brother.... Here's hoping.

  10. She has such a focused expression. I wonder if she is practicing her phone answering 'script' as she waits for her very FIRST call!

    Miss F - You will do great! Just don't let those gals looking for Hubie distract you from you mission.

    Sigh - such sweetness

  11. Laurie,

    I think "Daris S" is actually me, Darin. Sometimes I put down Darin S. as my short name, and I forgot that I had originally donated under just plain ol' Darin. :-)

  12. looks like they are beginning to learn the ropes.. only they do need to be taught how to update the tally board.. it's a bit behind. but, i'm glad to see that they are quick learners.. raising another 5 squillion is a lot of pressure to put on new volunteers, but i'm certain they'll do great.

  13. Oh sweetheart! Wish I could afford to bid big bucks to name her... I'd go with Mercedes, after Sadie, the most lovely sweet tabby cat I've ever known, who passed away last year. However this kitten, I'd nickname "Mercy."

  14. This picture kills me...I am constantly right clicking to put an IBKC as my wallpaper on my computer at work...this Fortunato Beauty is staring at me, no drilling holes into me with that beautious face...YOU WILL CALL ME AND DONATE MORE! :-)

    Purry Fortunato Hugs,

  15. If I could win the auction, I'd name her Joan, because sitting all glamorous behind an old-fashioned phone like that she looks like the stylish secretary on Mad Men.

  16. She looks like a Bianca to me ... a lovely first name to accompany her Italian surname. She is such a striking beauty!

  17. I would have to name her Bella Fortunato.



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