Friday, July 17, 2009

LIVE from the IBKC Fundraising Headquarters: The Fortunatos

The new phone bank trainees are off to a rocky start.

Focus, everyone, please focus for just one second. Please. We've got a lot to cover today. Now does everyone have their script memorized? Is everyone awake?

First, we're going to get on the phones and do some mock calls. Everyone, take a seat at your station.

OK guys,, when I say get "on the phone", I don't literally mean "on" the phone. Climb down off the table and grab a chair, Mr tabby. Thank you.

Alright now, when you hear me say "ring" I want you to pick up the phone and read the first line from your script. Ready? Ring.


Come on now,, I said "RING"!




I think we'll call it a day. I want you guys to study this afternoon. Tomorrow, report back to the set after your morning naps and will give this another shot.

Until they're up to speed,, I might suggest clicking here, and making a donation on line.


  1. My goodness, you guys are just so cute! Are you old enough to be playing with a telephone☺

  2. Oh my! A new crop of trainees. You know kids today, if it's electronic they'll master it in a day.

  3. Well, there is a learning curve with fundraising. I am sure Charlene will straighten them out when she has the chance.

  4. They know that they couldn't possibly fill the shoes.. um.. paws.. that the Darlings left. The Darlings were solicitors extraordinaire!

  5. oh my...

    at least they're cute? let's try again tomorrow!

  6. Ohmygosh you have one that looks just like Renatta did at that age! What pretty little faces.

  7. At least they've got their pinstriped business suits on. Looking professional is half the battle!

  8. Hey, we were all new at some sort of job! They'll get it down. And is that a very handsome brother with a dark face? What a keeper. Miss Charlene Butterbean may want to keep that hunk of a man around!

  9. Sue -
    They certainly have some HUGE itty bitty paw prints to fill for sure!

    Oooh that boy with the schnoz that looks like he dipped his nose in chocolate. Ooooh, the sweetness is too much...almost.

  10. Haha, you are so creative... ;-)

  11. I just realized that there is a lynx point AND a seal point! Awwww.... I hope those guys get adopted together.

  12. So darn cute! Wow, I don't visit for one day and then BANG! cuteness abounding on my screen. thank goodness!

  13. I am laughing so hard that the big kitty on my lap decided to leave! OMG! These Fortunatos are a fabulous litter of kittehs!

  14. It always takes the new temps a couple of days to figure out the system. ;-)

  15. Oh their training is so cute - I am sure they will catch on real soon. But they do have some very big shoes to fill!



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