Friday, July 3, 2009

I've Got Some Good News... And Some Bad News, Lucinda. Which Would You Like to Hear First?

Good news!!! Let's start with the good news!!

Well the good news is, we've raised over $11,000 in pledges for the Humane Society so far.

Oh that's so amazing! Hooooraaaayyyy!!! Now lay it on me,, what's the bad news?

Well, you can't eat this morning, I'm putting you and Hubie into the kitty carrier, we're going for a ride in the car, we're visiting the doctor, and you'll both have a simple surgery performed.


Can I hear the good news again? Please?


  1. NOOOOOOOO!!! That always mean the Itty Bitties are almost ready to leave! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    We're not ready.

  2. time to kiss the itsy bits goodbye. Heal well, little kittens! Christine

  3. Look at their faces when they heard the bad news!!!OH poor little babies...I dont want you to go now...but I know if you leave,you will be in a puurrrfect fuurrever that's the good news 8-) -Jeanne

  4. Laurie, I do not know HOW you get those open-mouth shots, but they just crack me up. And that Lucinda, what an expressive girl.

    Itty Bitties, you'll be just fine. Laurie's taking care of your health and seeing to your lifetime happiness. You'll be back to zooming around the house in no time.

  5. Lucinda's expression in the bottom picture reminds me of Queen Victoria's line "We are not amused."

  6. Uh oh. But they'll have adorable little meows, vs. big honkin' yowls. Poor babies. Kisses!

  7. I linked you to my blog, hoping to get some of my friends to donate too!
    The vet told me that Itchy might be calmer when he lost his bits, but he was wrong. Here's to kittenhood forever!

  8. More good news, Lucinda-- you will be asleep and won't feel it. Just one step more toward that furrever home, sweeties!

  9. I have this blog "subscribed" to in my feed, so when I see there's a new entry, I visit.

    Well, in the feed listing, all I could see was "I've got some good news... and some bad news"

    My heart almost stopped. I was seeing strange but terrible calamities - a bath gone bad somehow, one of them ate a cell phone, I don't know.

    I reluctantly opened the page, skimmed the message and gave a sigh of relief.

    All's well.

  10. I'm with you Darin... scooted over holding my breath to find...

    It's really good news and good news! (At least from the human perspective.)

    Babies, mom Laurie will take good care and give you extra treats to help you quickly forget the scary time, but it really is a good thing that's happening here. Really.


  11. They are so cute that I could cry!

  12. itty bitty bits leaving - Furr-ever homes looming in the future. Life is good, Lucinda!

  13. We are thinking that you are already home and on the mend by now. Milk your o-purr-ation for extra treats!

    Happy 4th of July! Wishing you and those you ♥ a safe day filled with fun.

    Please remember our deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who are fighting for our FREEDOM!

  14. Those expressions are classic -- !!!

  15. Poor sweeties ... how are the little darlings doing today?

  16. OK - we all need to get ready to send out farewells out to the sweet kitties.

    They seem to grow so fast....our time with them gets interrupted. BUT.....if we are lucky some of their new parents share a little of them with use (this is a good use of the internet!!)

    Thanks again Laurie & company (human and feline!)

  17. Yes, for us humans there is more good news / bad news.

    The bad news is the operations means the Darlings are coming closer to the day they pack their bags...

    The good news is that we know that they will be heading to perfect furrrever homes.

    Somehow, maybe because the Darlings are playing such a role in this historic fundraiser, it's going to be even harder to wave goodbye. And I have lost my heart to dear Lucinda!

  18. Postcard! the first picture...

    Pretty please?

  19. WHATTTTT? oh nozze mommy....
    well ok.if its for the best.
    sleep well lil babehs.
    god speed.

  20. I got worried too when I saw the subject heading.

    But from Charlene's twitter, it seems that all is well.

    Sigh of relief.



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