Monday, July 20, 2009


I know you've been watching the auctions closely and are anxious for me to reveal the chosen names. I'll be announcing them as soon as each kitty is named.

First up, is Mr Tabby. The very generous Nanette was the high bidder, and after much consideration, decided on the name that she feels suits this boy best.

So friends,, I introduce to you.... the handsome, dapper, Luigi Fortunato!

Nice work, Nanette. It suit's our boy just fine!!!


  1. Hello Luigi! You're such a sweet kitten. You'll meet your kitty foster momma soon who will groom you to pieces!

    (How much was the high bidder?)

  2. That is an adorable name, it suits him!! Now all he needs is a green hat or collar and a brother named Mario! Hahahaha!

  3. Ah, Luigi! What a fitting name for a little tabby Fortunato gentleman!

  4. Congratulations, Nanette, you chose a perfect name for this darling baby boy!

  5. Jason, I'm not going to publish what kitty went for what, but I will tell you that for our first three kittens, the range has been from around $150 - $250

    Anyone can, of course, see what they go for if you watch the auctions on ebay.

    As far as I am concerned, all kittens are of equal value! We're looking for homes for these kittens, and I don't want to plant the seed that one is more desirable than another because of the price their naming rights brought in.

    I hope you all understand.

    I'll be announcing the auction totals when we are all done.

  6. Good move, Laurie, though MY kittens (no longer kittens) are, and always have been, invaluable. Isn't that true for all of us?

  7. Laurie, did all of these kittens come from the same litter? Such a diverse, yet uniformly adorable group of kitties!

  8. Great job Nanette! How generous! And what an adorable name for an adorable kitten :)

  9. my my luigi, you are a handsome boy!

  10. Laurie,

    Of course. I didn't mean to imply that one kitten was worth more than another because of how much the naming rights went for. I was just curious.

    Every kitten is precious and every kitten is my favorite. I tell all my kitties that each one is my favorite and they all are.

  11. All Luigi needs is a little dapper fedora. I'm sure he already walks with a swagger.

    Such an adorable little gentleman.

  12. What a great name! Hello and Welcome Luigi!

  13. Naming rights to kitten:
    Sweet little kitties going to a good home:

  14. "Hey Luigi! Waddya do?" (Oh how I love Louis Prima :-)

  15. Ciao bello, Luigi!

    I look at him, and it's as though he was never anything OTHER than Luigi!

    Sweet-faced little boy!

    Congratulations and THANK YOU Nanette!!!!!

  16. P.S. I had asked before about the ending prices, but I understand the reasons behind your not publishing them. I think we're all so excited about the fundraising that we just want to see the numbers in your ticker go up!

    During my senior year in college, I was coerced into joining a Charity Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction to provide emergency relief to people who had been affected by floods or tsunami (I forget exactly).

    So there I was, hoping the guy I liked was going to bid on me... I mean, I knew he had withdrawn a large amount of money from the ATM...

    But he got into a heated bidding war with some other guy for one of my best friends (she's gorgeous, so I guess I wasn't surprised). She ended up being "sold" to the guy I liked for over 500 dollars, easily being the highest total of the night.

    I was sold for... 15 dollars to some guy who kind of annoyed me. I think he bought me out of pity, which makes it that much worse.

    And this wasn't so long ago that inflation makes that like 100 dollars in today's money. It was really just 15 dollars.

    In short... kittens, I am so, so proud of you! Don't feel like you're objects of anything but love, admiration, and affection!!!

    Okay, now I need a hug. :-(


  17. Nice to meet you Mr. Luigi, you seem to have grown just in the few days since we first got a glimpse of you! Such a handsome boy and a great name.

  18. Awww Darin, sending hugs your way :)
    It's his loss for not buying you! :)

  19. Darin, I think all of us who frequent this wonderful place share your interest and enthusiasm about seeing that ticker get ever closer to the next "squillion" -- and hugs to you.

  20. Joanne,, Yes. They are siblings.

    99 percent of the time they are. Sometimes single kittens or pairs are merged together to create bigger "litters" if the kittens are close in age. But only if kittens are healthy and close in age.

    Alverant/Jason.. I didn't think you implied that,, I just wanted to state my reasons because I know a lot of folks are curious about the numbers.

    Darin,, Hugs to you. I think we all can relate. Everyone has one of those kind of stories.

  21. Hugs to Darin (boy, do I know how you felt!).

    And huge amore to Luigi. Perfect name job, Nanette!

  22. Perfecto! Luigi is one handsome boy. :)

  23. Howdy there young Luigi Fortunato!

    You have already grown even cuter than when I first glimpsed your handsomeness.

    You are indeed a fortunate one being in the loving paws and palms of the Butterbean and her support team.

  24. Nanette! You're my HERO -- that little guy just IS, was just destined to BE, could not be called anything BUT Luigi. I'm so pleased with your choice (and thank you and blessings on your for your donation).

  25. Oh, now that name is just purr-fect! Hullo, sweet little Luigi! A darling little red-gold tabby with an utterly fitting name... yup, I'm in love.



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