Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here's Your Chance to Name an Itty Bitty Kitty!

As I mentioned earlier, we're auctioning off the rights to name (first and middle) each of our current foster kittens. For continuity's sake, the surname has already been decided upon, and it's "Fortunato".

The first Fortunato up is the lovely little lynx point pictured in the previous post. Click here to find out more about the auction and place your bid.

So how will this work?

You can bid on the right to name any or all of our foster kittens. You are not bidding on the ACTUAL kitten itself.

At the close of each auction, the winning bidder will be contacted, they will reveal the name they've selected and it will be announced on the IBKC blog.

While this kitten remains in our care, we will refer to him on the IBKC blog by the name the winner selected. Once this kitten is adopted, the adopters will be able to name their kitten whatever the choose. ( but maybe if you pick a really fabulous and appropriate name, they'll want to keep it)

In addition to the naming rights, you will also receive a 5" x 7" photograph of the kitten you have named.

And again,, you're NOT bidding on the ACTUAL kitten, just the right to name him.

As each of the Fortunato Five are introduced, their naming rights auction will begin. Each auction will run 3 days.

Thanks again to Dan for the fabulous idea.

Happy Bidding, everyone!!

Click here to visit this auction.

Click here to see Mimi's fabulous watercolor we're also auctioning off.

All of the money raised in these auctions will be donated to the Humane Society.


  1. My other half won't let me give any money to kittehs (besides our two furballs) but if any donor is having trouble thinking of a name, may I suggest Paolo? Italian names for everybody with their Italian surname.

  2. Holy Moly! I went to visit the auction... the action is hot!!!!

    Dan, what a fantastic, wonderful idea. This was brilliant.

    All I gotta say is, I went to look at the auction with my piteous amount of money, and I gaped (in happiness).

    (Don't worry, I'll donate the piteous amount of money, as soon as a couple of checks clear!)

  3. I would name him Dante Flavio Fortunato. (Flavio means "light haired" in Italian).

  4. Oh I probably shouldn't have guessed a name. I will spend more time and read the entire post next time. I am sorry Laurie, I hope I didn't ruin anything.

  5. Besides wanting him.....
    How about:


    (One of Christs beloved Disciples)

    Just my thought..........
    God Bless & many thanks for such joy you provide for old me !



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