Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fortunato Fifth!


First, let me start off by saying, that it KILLS me when kittens sit like this, with their tails wrapped around their toes, just so. I think tips of tails and toes are two of my favorite kitten parts. To have them in such close proximity, well,, it's just divine.

OK, moving on.

Well, the naming rights auction was a HUGE success! All five kittens brought in just a tad under a squillion, which was quite a WONDERFUL surprise. Thanks so much to all the bidders and winners.

Speaking of winners,, mother-daughter team, Renee and Sarah we're the high bidders earning naming rights to our second little lynx point lad. Renee is in Virginia, Sarah's somewhere in Wyoming, making her way back to Seattle. They texted back and forth and decided that this LLPL (little lynx point lad) would be named...

Warren Fortunato!!

I love the name Warren. In fact, I've got it on my on-going list of kitten names.
Once again, the name fits the kitten perfectly. VERY nice work Renee and Sarah!!!

Nice work, EVERYONE! It's so great having names for all the kittens now. And what great names the kittens have!!!!

Well, there are just two days left, with two squillion to go. I'm getting a little nervous. Time is running out!!!

I will be firing lots of posts off today in hopes of firing folks up. Charlene will be tweeting, and letting us know each time we take a step closer to our goal. So, please stay tuned.


  1. yay! Such a wonderful name. Both of the lynx point lads look so much like my dear 9 that I just melt when I see the pictures.

    And yes, the tails curled around the toes... kerthunk! So cute! My Chani does this all the time and I just die a little bit more of the cute every time I see it.

  2. Sooo much cute! These Fortunatos are going to be exactly that-- snapped up by wonderful furrever homes. Scritchies for one and all, but especially St. Butterbean :)

  3. I think that the action that will start the drive to 20 squillion will be pictures of the Fortunato kitties with Charlene Butterbean.

  4. ANon,, sorry but they can't meet yet. We're still in the quarantine period.

  5. Warren-tine's
    But he's keen
    On Butterbean.

  6. Warren, a great name for an absolutely gorgeous little guy!

  7. are you putting the kitten naming funds towards the total 20 squillion goal?

  8. I love it too when cats wrap their tails round their front paws!

    My Sooty used to do that a lot when he was here...

  9. I love that little face! "Play wif me, and den wuv me please."

    OK kitty, I will. After Charlene gives you a good licking.

  10. Renee and Sarah, congratulations! Warren is a wonderful name for a wonderful little Forunato!


  11. Oh, Warren Fortunato - me "wrapped around your little paw" - U R Doin' it Right!

  12. kitten paws and tails are very wonderful. i like when mine grabs his taik with his paws and licks it. good luck on reaching the goal. i wish i could help but i literally have NO money right now! sorry
    -wilfred's mom

  13. Angie, that will be the icing on the cake. I'll add it in after we're all done doing the online fundraising.

  14. Hooray for adorable little kitten tails looped over kitten paws!!!!

    Pleased to meet you, warm and fuzzy Warren!

  15. I love that pose too, Laurie! When he was an itty bitty one, my Colby did it, and it keeled me every time. Now he's bigger and his tail (though still very long) has a crick in it and he doesn't do the wrap thing anymore. But I'll keep him anyways. :D

  16. This is a small world! I named Dominick and I know Renee and Sarah, and the original Warren! I love it!



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