Thursday, June 18, 2009

WOW! Wow, Wow, WOW!


Well, thanks to all of you we have hit the $5000 mark! And that's in just 10 days of campaigning!


Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who made donations. Thanks too for spreading the word by twittering, posting on your blogs and emailing your friends.

I am SO TOUCHED by the tremendous support you have shown.

Last night we all celebrated reaching our $5000 goal. It was a rowdy night: lots of dancing, whooo-hooooin', and catnip! I briefly discussed a new goal with the Bean-Counter. In her catnip-induced buzz, she suggested raising the bar 8 squillion.

I tried to talk to Charlene about the goal again this morning. She's a little hung-over, and a whole lot of grumpy. She lifted the icepack off her head for a moment and muttered "how about 8 thousand instead".

OK, Charlene. $8,000 it is. With over a month to go until the Dog-A-Thon, I think we can do it. And The Darlings think so too. They're just finishing up their breakfast, then they are off to the phone banks.


  1. Not 8 squillion? or 8 bazillion? Charlene tell Laurie she got it wrong...."thousand" just isn't the correct word.

  2. Yah, Yah, Yah HOOOOOOOOOOO

    I bet they broke out the imported catnip too..the really good stuff :)

    Are the Darlings old enough for catnip??

    Congratulations! Onward and upward to $8,000 :)

  3. Yay!

    Oh and speckled belly! NOM!

  4. Oh that belly! Neither of my kitties has spotted bellies, so I have to wait until you show off the IBKC bellies. Thank you :)

    And hooray for the new goal!

  5. I just sent another e-mail to another group of soon-to-be donators - what are you going to do with all that swell swag you'll be picking up?

    Put it all on Charlene for a photo op!

    Christine. :)

  6. It's my understanding that all monies donated go to the Humane Society where these kittens came from, not to the IBKC.

  7. Yes, anon. We are raising money for the Humane Society of Tacoma/Pierce County. This who we foster for, and where ALL the IBKs get their start. If you go to this post:

    There are links to more info on the HS and Dog-A-Thon.

  8. Oh, Laurie. The response to the campaign is seriously amazing because YOU'RE seriously wonderful. We all want to help as a way of showing our deep gratitude to you and the IBKC. You've given us all such an incredible gift, and we're simply passing it on.

  9. Congrats, IBKC! Laurie and Charlene, I hope you are now getting a small taste of the love and devotion you inspire in us readers.

  10. laurie - plz tell norman, tressa, francine, rhoda and the other ibks that while i can't donate to your fundraising drive, yesterday i did go down to my local humane society and gave them my name and #. their faces inspired me. i have 2 bedrooms - one is my office. it'll be perfect or fostering. max and ava-cat will just have to deal. :)

  11. If I have learned anything from this blog it is "what Charlene Butterbean wants, Charlene Butterbean gets!"

    Laurie, after her fantastic performance with the fundraising I hope she doesn't become a diva... you know, name above the title and so forth. (Charlene Butterbean In "The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee")

  12. Yay and congrats - I have the feeling it may end up being raised on more time after this one with the way you are going!!

  13. Wooohoooo, congrats!

  14. Ha! That picture is HIGHlarious!
    So happy for the fundraising triumph! GO team Butterbean!
    Lots of exclamation points!!! *wink*

  15. oh my ...what was this kitty doing! its funny how their little vicious mouths are so small

  16. Giving has fallen off - i think it's time to post some more kitten pictures ... christine

  17. I love that face. I call it "snake face" at my house!



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