Monday, June 8, 2009


On Saturday, July 25th, the IBKC will be representin' at this year's "Dog-A-Thon" , Humane Society of Tacoma/Pierce County's annual walk for homeless pets. I'll be walking along with Craig, Sue, Shana, and several other critter-loving friends.

Even though it's called a "Dog"-a-Thon, the money raised benefits all shelter animals. That means guinea pigs, birds, bunnies, chinchillas, hamsters, adult cats and yes,,, the kitties too!

I am looking to the lovely little Itty Bitty Kitty Community for support. I know times are tough, but if everyone could make a donation of any size, big or small, just think of all the animals we can help together!

In return, I'll be offering a little something to you. After all the pledges are in, I'll be taking all the donors' names and throwing them into a hat. Charlene (with a little help) will be drawing one name. This lucky person will get one complete set of IBKC Cards (Charlene Butterbean, Davenports, Lovejoys, Pettibones, Ashbys and the VERY LAST pack of Picketts). In addition to the cards, you'll be able to name one of our kittens! That's right YOU will name an IBK. You can name it after yourself, your beloved pet, your 6th grade science teacher, or just make something up. The only rule: keep it clean.

The IBKs give so much to us. Think of all the times their sweet, soothing faces have made you smile. Let's say thanks to these kitties by supporting the organization that gave them their start in life, The Humane Society.

To find out more about the Dog-A-Thon click here.

To make your contribution click here.

Thank you friends for your support. We appreciate you!

xo Laurie

PS I know it's customary to serve wine to loosen wallets for fund raising, but of course I can't do that on-line. Instead,, I'll have to weaken you with ooey-gooey pictures of napping kittens. :)

Alvie Pettibone
It's sweater season


  1. We are on it! Spreading the word....

  2. Precious pictures! I'm glad there weren't more, I would have stayed on this blog all day lookin' at em...

  3. Oh, IBKs out like trout. How precious. It'll be an honor to support Team IBKC in this most excellent endeavor.

  4. I cannot donate much, but I will do what I can, on behalf of myself, Jonah, Daltrey, and my boyfriend who now asks regularly after Charlene. :-)

  5. to be a kitten in your home must be heaven on earth! I'm supportin' the cause!

  6. For Pete's sake. With all those cute faces all I can think of is going to my shelter to adopt a kitten and I already have a house full!

  7. The IBKC gives me so much pleasure - I am glad to help out! (besides, I want the chance to name an IBK! )

  8. Way to go, Laurie! I've already donated a bit but now I'll probably do it again, and again? in hopes of winning the drawing/naming.
    Load that ballot box, name that IBK!

  9. Oh my gosh! So adorable! Totally makes me want to adopt a marmie kitten!

  10. With Peggy Sue giving birth to her babies today, I didn't think it could get better... it just did! A whole community pulling together to help other IBKs, and puppehs and bunnies, and... well, you know, it just just warms the cockles of your heart! So lemme just skedaddle on over to the site and contribute in honor of the babies!

  11. awwww..kitten are sooo sweet..Definately support the IBKC.. so more babies can have a better start in life - Jeanne

  12. Napping kitties make me weak.... Good luck with the Dog-a-Thon!

  13. how long have you been holding back on us with all of these fabulous napping photos! totally unfair!
    ok I give, i'm making my donation... stop the torture! :) (no, please continue)

  14. Those are such cute pictures - I think they work much better than wine! It will take a few days but I will be donating for sure!

  15. Tearing up at the generosity of IBKC fans. You're wonderful folks.

  16. In the fourth photo, the kitty's paws are in the shape of a heart! You should make valentines with that pic!

    I made a small donation in memory of my family's cat. I wish I could give more, and I hope I win so I can name a kitty after him!

  17. Sounds like our Million Paws Walk! What a great cause!



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