Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Quick PSA

I just wanted to put the word out that The Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society is in serious need of food donations. They are looking for high quality food for their ill, injured and debilitated dogs as well as cat food (both dry and wet) for their Emergency Food Bank.

If you would like to donate, just stop by the HS during their business hours.

Click here for more information.

For those of you not in the area, think about making a donation locally. Food Bank supplies get depleted quickly during these tough times. Donating food helps keep a pet with their family and out of the shelters.

Thanks so much, everyone!


  1. Another option if you have a grocery store that delivers - pool some money together and have the grocery deliver $50-100 or so of a good brand of food.

    Like Christmas for them and easy on your time.

    OR - play pet food fairy like I do in Bellevue and drop in with stuff I got with coupons and sales and such.

  2. Shoot, I wish I was out there - I just found a bunch of kitten food cans from when Virgil was younger that are still in code. I will be giving them locally instead but the places nearby aren't too bad off at the moment, so I wish I could send them where they are more needed (especially since my dad's family is from that area - maybe I will see what they can do to help out). I am going to drop them a few bucks online, since I was planning to buy some beads and have my credit card here - I can just get a few less for some hungry cats and dogs.

  3. What a great reminder. Being in Orlando makes it hard to drop off some food up there, but it's a great idea to drop off some food at my local shelter.

  4. Laurie ~ thanks a million for letting folks know about our food needs.

    KBJ ~ excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

    Amy ~ you rock! Our dogs and cats already thank you!

    Lynn ~ thanks so much for helping out the shelter in your area.

  5. I live in Wales, and our local Morrisons has a food box, to collect items for Ty Agored, Aberystwyth's animal shelter. I always buy an extra box of cat food, when I go shopping, and put it in the box. It isn't much, but it helps. And my four furry boys are spoiled, so it's nice to pass that on.

  6. I just committed to becoming a volunteer caregiver at the local no-kill cat shelter. How exciting! Thanks for the nudge, Laurie.

  7. Hooray for aevery can and bag or hour of time for kitties (and canines) all 'round the world!

    They help us feel happy so why can't we help their caretakers!

    Thanks to all the caretakers - human and otherwise!

  8. Anon ~ you're awesome! On behalf of shelter cats everywhere, thank you for volunteering!

    Seren ~ yes it does help, thanks!!

  9. Echoing Laurie's appeal, albeit from Portland. Any locals in the PDX area please consider donating [unopened] food and litter to the Cat Adoption Team. If you have a donation, I can pick it up (tanya.koshka AT CAT is in great need of donations to the Food Bank that distributes cat food and litter every month to families in need (literally hundreds of pounds of food and litter get distributed monthly). There are also already hundreds of kittens in foster care, and high quality kitten food and kitten formula is a need as well.

    I really like KatBoxJanitor's idea! Anybody know of a grocery store where I can pay online and have them deliver food to the Tacoma Humane Society?

  10. Thanks Laurie, for your suggestion for shelters everywhere. I volunteer at our no-kill shelter, county run-- we had a huge load of cats come in during the Jesusita Fire emergency last week. But also, people brought food in too. It was too much for the Humane Society, so the County shelter helped out too. Santa Barbara was lucky to have two good shelters available, with good people to donate!

  11. Tanya ~ thanks for asking about delivery of pet food to the Tacoma Humane Society.
    The Safeway store at 2411 North Proctor in Tacoma delivers and I believe it's the closest to the shelter.
    More info is online at



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