Friday, May 15, 2009

And Now,, the Results...



The polls have closed, results are in, and most of you guessed incorrectly.

Here's how you voted: (drum roll please....)

47% voted Harlan with Tressa & Neville with Nelson

voted Harlan with Neville & Tressa with Nelson

voted Harlan with Nelson & Tressa with Neville

For that 23% who voted Harlan with Nelson and Tressa with Neville, please pat yourselves on the back. You guessed correctly! Congratulations!

Of course the real winners are The Lovejoys, who get to move in with some fabulous folks this weekend.


  1. I am so happy that they are going as pairs. I love the picture of them sleeping on those pillows - I am amazed they can balance up there. I will miss seeing them but it is so good they are going to have good forever homes soon!

  2. Oh, I'm going to miss these little Lovejoys so much...all kittens are adorable but these four just had an extra helping of adorableness...I know it's been suggested before, but can you please have their adoptive parents sign a contract that requires them to have a blog or at least a Flickr page (updated regularly) so we can follow "our" Lovejoys as they grow up?

    Sigh...gonna miss those babies but I'm so happy they have forever homes and that they're going in pairs :)

  3. Those catparents had better watch out.. I'm going to skulk outside and catnap those kitties and take them back to MY house!


    Well, of course I'm kidding, but dang, these cute little furballs sure have been fun to watch. Blessings on all 4 of you, and an extra snorgle to Ms Butterbean, who I'm sure is really going to miss these little angels.

  4. yay for babies staying together!

    i agree with hyacinth, there needs to be a contract for blogging post-adoption. i mean, it's only fair!

    congrats to their new families, bye bye babies.

  5. The picture of them on the pillows is so cute I can't stand it. I really do think this was the cutest batch of all.

    So happy to hear they're going to good loving homes!

  6. I knew it! I just wish I were the one taking them (sigh!).

  7. Oh - I am sure going to miss these little Lovejoys! But am so happy they are going 2x2!

    I see Harlan was not done primping before you got that second pic taken! Charlene has taught him well... always be clean!

  8. I guessed correctly! She pats herself on the back.

    I can't imagine how excited these itty bitty's new families are. Congratulations to the new parents. I love these four just based upon descriptions and photos and imagine the boundless love each of "our" kitties are about to experience.

    Don't be too sad, Butterbean, a new batch to love will soon be taunting you behind the quarantine door just waiting for the moment they can come out to play with you....and I guartantee they will be the most adorable, wonderful, group yet (they always are).

  9. I don't know how you let them go. So bittersweet. But I do know that I really admire you.

    Bye Lovejoys! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every day since April!!!

  10. I guessed right! But the real winners are the IBK and their new families. I hope we get more pictures of them as they grow up.

  11. Hey! I was right! Is that because, after much deliberation, if I had been choosing, I would have chosen Tressa and Neville? You see, I have to have cats that look different to each other. We have fluffy, black and white girl, aged 13 years and short coated, tabby and white boy, 1 year old, and I still call them each other's names!!! I would have no hope with two ginger and white boys. And Neville....well he captured my heart with his mischevious winks.

  12. Absolutely love that pic on the sad but very happy too to see them go as a pair to a wonderful family...pllssss keep us update...really want to see how those cuties grow... - Jeanne will miss you sooooo much my little Lovejoy....

  13. Wonderful that they are going to their forever homes in pairs! Your pictures and stories about these beautiful creamsicle kittens got me through a very stressful and ultimately sorrowful time. I'll be always grateful to you and the IBKCs who show that life, love and fun do go on.

    Please kiss each one of those precious sweeties for me!

  14. Guessed wrong, but who cares? They're going out in pairs!!! Yeah!!!

    I agree with you Hyacinth, mandatory blogging for adoptive parents!!! ;-) Ok, at least agreeing to forward pics and press releases to Laurie regularly!

  15. Is there a pea under Princess Tressa's stack of mattresses?

    I guessed right! I was thinking, if I had to split them into pairs, I'd put Harlan and Nelson together because their face masks are so similar they look like a set.

  16. Hurray that they are going two by two! What a beatiful bunc they are! How can I be the least bit sad when they have forever homes.

    I am not sure if I won the guessing game. I can't remember what I voted!

  17. I guessed right, but only because I would have taken Tressa and Neville in an instant! I can't wait to see what these younguns look like as they get older!

  18. Why are folks only assuming that Tressa and Neville where the 1st pick?

    Similar orange cats would be a good pick too; leading to Harland and Nelson.

  19. oooh -

    Tears of Lovejoy!

    They will be missed and I am pleading with their new families to at the least put pix on the flickr group!

    But a blog would be so awesome.




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