Monday, January 5, 2009

No Kidding , No Kittens

Bye-Bye little beauties

Well, The VanHopper Sisters were snatched up in a heart-beat. Sue had their pics posted up on the HS website and shortly thereafter, was contacted by one lovely family in search of a precious pair. They met the girls, the deal was sealed.

Sue says goodbye.

In addition to the two girls, there was one VanHopper boy named Percival (Percy, for short). He wasn't related by blood, but they were raised together and were certainly a family.

Percy was spoken for even before I had a chance to share him with you. When I post his pictures tomorrow,, you will see why.


  1. Bye-bye little puffs of sweetness.

  2. It's so wonderful about all three of them, but please publish as many pictures of them as you have so we can enjoy them retroactively.

  3. Holey Moley!

    The work the humans of the IBKC do... Laurie, Craig, Sue.... you guys are incredible. You make this world a sweeter (and cuddlier) place to live.

    I'm still hoping for a picture that shows Lila's little tummy stripe. *crosses fingers*

  4. tomorrow! cant wait til tomorrow!!

  5. WOW! That was fast. They are darling babies. Good luck to them!

  6. Wowzer! Floofy today - gone tomorrow! That's fabulous for them and their new families!

    Can't wait to see what Percival looks like!

  7. What fabulous news! So glad the sisters got adopted together and will have a lifetime of adventures in their new forever-home.

    Can't wait to see Percy's picture :)

  8. Why must you torture us so, with hints of kittens to come? Argh. Just let us see Percy!

  9. Well I can't wait to see the other pics...
    Good the all have a new place. You really do a great job.

  10. So happy that they were able to go together to their new home!!! What a great time their Forever Family has in store!

    What great New Year news!!!

    (and yes, more pictures please!)

  11. Good work, Sue, Van Hopper sisters, and Percival!

    Somehow I'm not surprised that the little ones got homes so quickly.

    In the first photo, the two kittens are sitting on the ground, facing each other so closely that it looks like they just did a terrorist fluffy chest bump, and looking up at something that is definitely enticing to their kitten curiosity.

    You can see the effect that having both pairs of big kitten eyes trained upon one would have for any human: Instant capitulation to whatever demands for more playing, cuddles, or general loving.

    In the second, which is a beautiful picture of two beautiful subjects, Sue is cuddling Adelaide on one shoulder. Her head is turned away and Adelaide is looking straight at the camera. She has that tiny kitten pout that seems to say straight out, "The kitten is VERY happy where she is, thank you very much, so do not disturb, please."

    The composition is just perfect in so many ways. There's a really lovely line from Sue's hand, which of course is her flesh tone and texture, past Addie's head, to Sue's ear. Her hair is flowing in the same graceful manner towards the same focal point. Sue and Adelaide are both in the bottom right of the photograph, with the wall, out of focus, taking up the rest of the photo. It probably sounds unbalanced, and certainly breaks the standard rules, but it works.

    Seriously, a beautiful photograph of a beautiful lady and lovely kitten!

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  13. AnnF, I'm not sure if you're local (if you've met Sue) but you described her perfectly. She is a beautiful lady, inside and out. She's gentle, generous and not allowed to cry alone in my presence. We're both mooshies.

    Hooray for the girls! And hooray for Percy! He is known in our home as His Majesty Prince Percival. What a delightful boy. His new family is so lucky!

  14. Oooh! I love a pink kitty-nose! My kitty has a very pink little nosey as well as a few little pink toes (others are black or tan). I love your little nosey Lila!

  15. I'm really not surprised that these two gems got snatched up quickly. Little sweeties, we wish you lots of love in your new home!


  16. So glad they got snatched up quickly, they sound like the purrfect little pair :)



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