Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet the VanHopper Sisters!

Adelaide VanHopper
Lila VanHopper

Foster mama Sue has got herself a cute little duo in search of a home...if you are on the hunt for the perfect pair, let me know and I'll put you in contact with Sue. Click here to email the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.

Here's what she's got to say about Adelaide and Lila VanHopper...

These little beauty queens will seriously snatch your heart away. That is if you have time to set a spell while they expend some of that energy. Goodness! These are some very busy girls and if they’re not side by side, they’re probably wrapped around each other in a fast moving blur.

Adelaide is a blue-eyed lynx point stunner. Don’t you agree? She’s definitely the ring leader of the two. Full of fun and mischief, she’s a constant source of entertainment. And when the show is over, she’ll come stand at your feet, look up at you with those baby blues, and insist that you hold her while she naps. You must be willing to do that. It’s a deal breaker.

Lila, the sweet, tuxedo-wearing VanHopper sister, has no difficulty keeping up with Miss Addie. They play perfectly off each other and pass out almost simultaneously. Lila has about the cutest little white belly in all of creation and she’s happy to show you. She also likes to just stare into your face while you’re holding her against your chest. You can see forever in those eyes..

The girls are about 10 weeks old now and ready to find their permanent people. They dearly hope to stay together, but given the right circumstances, it might be possible to separate them.


  1. Wow, what a little beauties!

  2. Oh, a kitten fix... looking is the best I can do from "the other coast" -- I've now had my adorable quotient for the day!

  3. Isn't Adelaide the prettiest thing ever!!

  4. Oh, Sue! Each of them is gorgeous, but Addie is going to be a STUNNER when she's all growed up!

    I think I need a pic of Lila's white belly to calm down! :-)

    Happy New Years IBKC peeps!

  5. Darin - I must clarify. Lila's newly-shaved underside is actually white on her little chest and white way down on her belly with a sweet white stripe connecting the two.

    She and Adelaide were spayed yesterday, so their little tummies are particularly adorable all naked and stuff.

    They're each quite fabulous. But then, you can see that.

  6. Oh the sweetness of these two precious babies...melted my heart right into my shoes...they are just too cute...I really hope they get adopted together. Every time I see new kittens on this site, I regret promising Husband that we would stop after 3 cats.

  7. Awwww! Lil' naked bellies!

    Now I definitely hafta see more pics of Lila! That little strip sounds perfect to snorgle!

  8. What a great surprise just after I had conditioned myself for no new babies for a while. They are just what I needed to see this evening.
    MORE pictures soon, please!

  9. Awwww what lovely little kittens!!

    They would have a home with me in a heartbeat... ;)

  10. Ahhh, Sue's girls are absolutely perfect! It's been a pleasure to watch them grow up (one of the perks of working at the shelter). Such sweet perfection! Thanks, Laurie, for giving us this little peek!

  11. Wow - nearly knocked out of my chair, I was!

    ((sorry - just watched a star wars episode with Yoda))

    I hope they can get homed together. Sounds like a lovely pairing.....chin skritches to da babies, pleeez!

  12. Aaack! I was so not expecting these cutenesses!

    Adelaide is a beauty, for sure - but it's little Lila's that's stolen my heart. That little white nose with the black spot in the corner & those little mittened feet... *swoon* *picks self up for another look* *swoons again!*

  13. I am SO on the wrong continent to take a daily peep at this website. I want to adopt them ALL!

    I'm keeping my paws crossed that The Boyz Upstairs find someone on the right continent to look after these two adorable little pusscats - or that they provide me with a 'plane ticket so that I can come and do it.

    New Year Blessings to all!

  14. Gasp - these girls are adorable and sound like they will be great fun for their new family! I do hope they get adopted together! Please keep us posted - and pass along our snorgles and scritches!More pictures, please???

  15. Oh, my goodness, what handfuls of kitten fluffiness! I had to use several mops to clean up after I turned into a melted puddle.

    Chanter, Adelaide is one of the fluffiest kittens who ever scampered the earth, with an adorable white nose and short white mittens. Years from now, the great kitten petters of history will tell hushed tales of how many petting hands were buried and lost in that fur. She's looking up with a "Wanna cuddle?" expression that nobody could resist.

    Her sister, Lila, is almost as fluffy, and is wearing a similar, "I'd like you to love me, please" expression. She's an elegant tuxedo who got her white mittens and white nose mask at the same shop that Adelaide patronizes. She has absolutely entrancing eyes, somewhere between amber and brandy. Lila has mastered the art of the head tilt, doubtless learning already how effective it is at reducing humans to cooing submission.

  16. What gorgeous angels! Wow!

  17. Oh good gravy. 2 more "to die for" faces! ~snorgle snorgle snorgle THUNK~



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