Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Many Moods of Hester Sue LaBath



  1. Hester Sue you cute one you!!

    Is that some little kitty claws I can see in the last pic...?

  2. Have mercy. Please.

  3. What a girly girl. Hester Sue LaBath: viewing her pictures will double your estrogen levels.

  4. Hester Sue seems so dainty and demure. If you put that first picture next to Inez's first sitting picture, Inez looks like two of Hester Sue. All this makes me want to see what Orson looks like now because Inez has become such a sleek young woman; perhaps Orson has sleeked up a little, but I hope he still looks like a thug!
    Hester Sue, you are just darling!

  5. i think she is actually getting prettier and prettier if that's possibleAnne- i too would love to see what Orson looks like now, actually I tried to ask his new mom in the comments to send us a photo, but I guess she doesnt want to or maybe doesnt have a camera.
    well, we can just dream about how fabulous he might be now.
    and enjoy Hester Sue's lovliness!

  6. I love the last one of her being tough!

  7. Holy crap!

    Yes, Laurie is one heck of a great photographer - extremely talented and almost supernaturally gifted at capturing the kitty essence.

    But I swear to you, these LaBath Sisters seem to have all been gifted with the photogenic gene.

    Hester Sue. You. Slay. Me.

  8. Such a dignified young lady she is, pretty even when yawning!

    Every time I think Laurie has outdone herself a even more beautiful batch of photos turns up. Once again, IBKC considerably brightened up hard day's night - I'm so thankful we get to share these kittens!

  9. Oh my goodness. She is such a coy little thing in that second picture. And the last one of her being all tough girl is too funny. :)

  10. Hester Sue is a miracle of kitten expression. These are lovely shots and Hester Sue is a heart melting fluffkin.

  11. What a pretty little darling! Charlene Butterbean could doubtless use her as an advertisement of her kitten-cleaning prowess.
    "When white fur needs to be Charlene Butterbean Clean!" Hester Sue's fur is as white as fresh snow that the sun's shining on.

    I think Hester Sue is sending this to film/television agents.

    In the first photo, she's looking up at the viewer with her head slightly tilted and her best, "Please love me" expression. Perfect to send to an audition for the sweet romantic lead.

    In the next, she's very gracefully tilting her head and body a little to look at something a bit off to the side. A ballet dancer could study for years to try to look as natural and poised but not posed. This works for a lead who is also very sweet and great at arousing an audience's (and male lead's!) protective instincts.

    In the next photo, taken from a bit below, we see her yawning, all pink mouth and tiny teeth. Sometimes an actor needs a bit of extra income from commercials and this is perfect for any oral hygeine product.

    Hester Sue is showing that she's got a great range of parts, not just the sweet pretty girl. She's craning her neck to see something outside of range, and we can tell that this girl is also Born to Pounce. Perhaps for a cop series in which the bad guys always underestimate the dainty little miss.

    The last photo confirms this. We see The Claws and teeth in action as she shows how she can sink them into an evildoer, in this case, the clearly offending arm of a grey sofa.

    Sorry I've not posted in a while--I've been more or less buried at work!

  12. Laurie, you make all the ittybitties look so durned cuuuute! You could start your own business as a kitty photog... there's a no-brainer, spoiled owners who spoil their sweet kitties would pay for the glamour shots.

    Of course, they ARE the cutest kittens on the planet. For now :) Utterly smitten, ==Marjorie

  13. The last photo looks like she's saying, 'Grrrrrrrr.' :)

  14. Oh, annf, it's wonderful to have you back! Your descriptions for Chanter and for all of us are so gloriously beautiful. You do the IBKs justice, and that's nearly impossible. Stay near the surface so you don't get buried in work.

  15. Oh, and annf, how do I get to your blog? I clicked on your name here and it said you'd been blogging since 2007, but that's as far as I could get.
    Your fan, Anne B

  16. the yawn pic reminds me that we haven't seen a "Teeny Tiny Tongues and Teeth" post in quite a while.

  17. Aaack! I need me some Hester Sue, really bad!

    Oh, that little tongue... those winsome looks... gimmee!

  18. my, what beautiful little ladies. i love their little masks.

  19. What a lovely beautiful girl...she is soo sooo soooooo cute.. I Love the yawning one! - Jeanne

  20. Hester Sue: Pic. #3, where your teefs at girl? Little loved one.

  21. The big snakeface (yawn) picture? I may have just completely melted into a puddle of goo.

    If my girlfriend and I didn't already have a quintet, I'd be trying to talk her into a drive out there to adopt.

  22. I've got a previous pic of Hester Sue standing on a bedspread that is on my pc wallpaper right now. Everytime I log into my PC, I see her sweet little face. She is so expressive, what a little doll.

  23. I love all your photos, but these of Hester Sue are especially lovely. Every time I see them, they make me smile. I think there needs to be an IBKC screensaver. :) I'd buy it!


  24. Those are amazing, I love the picture of her yawning.



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