Friday, November 14, 2008

Itty Bitty Crafty Committee

Hey all you Tacoma folks, if you're not doing anything tomorrow (Saturday)come on down to King's Books between noon and four. Why, you ask...Whoo hoo it's a CRAFT FAIR! Here's the scoop...

Over 20 Artist Booths!
Silent Auction! Raffle!
Benefit for Colleen Malone!
Where: King's Books
218 St Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402
When: Saturday November 15th from 12-4
Who: Tacoma is for Lovers
Why: To promote visibility of Artists in our community, raise money for our uninsured friend Colleen Malone, and have a good time!

I'll be there selling crafts and kitty cards. Come on by and say hello...I'd love to meet you.

How about some kitty pics now....
Here's pre-surgery Georgette helping out in the craft room...

FYI,, She and Miranda did great today. They've been bouncing about all evening.



  1. Aww you little beauty you...

    That last pic is lovely!!

  2. Oh, I love that little Georgette!

    Wish I were closer - I'd come to the craft fair! I hope you have a really great day!

  3. Hope you raise lots of money at the craft fair! Miranda looks so cute trying to help out, kitties are sooo curious about everything!

  4. Miranda is so crafty! I am happy to hear both came through surgery so easily!
    Have a great time at the Craft Fair. If I weren't across the country, I would be there to do all my Christmas shopping this year.

  5. Those LaBath ladies have the most fabulous markings in the world ever. Georgette, you're glamorous beyond description.

  6. These cats are the cutest things ever! I love this blog! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I never tire of them. :)

  7. So glad to hear the girls did well on Friday. Sorry I wasn't there to wish them well (Friday is my volunteer at the zoo day with truly BIG kitties).

    Jim and I plan to swing by King's Books today, maybe also introduce him to Gato, Brady & Harriette kitties at MetVet. It's a beautiful day in Tacoma, a perfect day for a drive.

    PS ~ a little boy spotted the tiger yesterday and said "Look Mommy, a monkey!" I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. From the mouths of babes...

  8. I LOVE the way her fur looks like it should be swirls of something - like if you peered hard enough, there's be lettering....

    (we have a calico like that.)

  9. Clearly, Georgette has a gift for floral arrangements - you might mention that to her forever family! My Lilliane, for example, is very skilled at fluffing up the nap on the back of the cou...WAIT! There IS none, she's just scratching again - where's the spray bottle........
    Sorry - little diversion. SO glad they came through their surgery - and I hope you raised a LOT of money for your friend, I would SO have been there! (LOVE craft fairs, especially this time of year)

  10. My girls love the craft area in my house too.

    The LaBaths seem to be very artistically inclined. Guitar playing now crafting...the education continues!

  11. Sorry to have to miss the craft fair, Laurie's work, AND whomever printed the nice letterpress poster.
    ==Marjorie, letterpress printer in California

  12. Oh Miranda that tree doesn't stand a chance! So glad their surgeries went well and they are recovering



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