Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pettibone AND Davenport Cards Have Arrived! Hooray!!


Take a look up there in the right hand corner of the blog,,, see that,,yep,, that's right,,the brand-spanking-new sets of Davenport and Pettibone cards have arrived !!

The Pettibone Portrait Pack is a set of eight cards and includes a glamor shot of each of the glorious Pettibone kittens as well as two additional group shots.

The Darling Davenport set has a portrait of each kitten plus a bonus image of the tabby twins, Edward and Cecily.

Stop on by the IBKC Etsy Shop to take a gander and maybe pick up a set or two. A portion of each sale goes to the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society. It also helps buy kitty litter for The Livermores.

Click here to check them out.


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  2. Hooray! All those ittybitties! So glad to see them :) Blessings on you, Laurie. Blessings.

  3. Aaaah, EXcellent! I have the most admired bulletin board where I work, and won't they all just LOVE the new ones?? Oh, and Laurie? May I add, along with the exceptionally beautiful pictures, the quality of these cards is very superior. (Can't imagine actually SENDING 'em to anyone though, they are MINE ALL MINE!) {ahem} sorry

  4. GORGEOUS!! Great work Laurie and the kitties (you are furbulous models).. - Jeanne

  5. The cards are amazing. I was wondering if you did any shots for Christmas. Maybe the kitties around a Christmas tree or the kitties with a Santa hat. They would make great Christmas cards. I would buy them.

  6. I think I might have asked before... but don't think I ever found out...
    If you don't mind sharing, where did you get the cards printed? I think the itty bitties are darling but I would also love to get cards with my own monsters too!!
    : )

  7. oh goodness - it is amazing to look at the pettibone babies and to check out the aliens and Agnes and Henry pictures now - it seems like just last week that we were seeing these pictures for the first time especially check out Rosalie then and now!!!!!

  8. What sweet sets - I have the Charlene Butterbean set - but now I need the ones with Jerry Lee - he was such a dear!

  9. Hello again. How wonderful to see the new cards and meet this darling batch of itty bitties. I've been away for a month without internet access, so this is a terrific treat to come home to.

    Long live the IBKC!

  10. So, what was my Etsy password again? Must. Have. Now!


  11. Yeah!!!!
    I've been away (from computer fun... work, work work). What a lovely surprise to come home to!

    They're awesome, Laurie!



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