Monday, October 20, 2008

How to Win Friends and Influence People

how to win friends and influence people

Last week I was contacted by a lovely gal named Cori. She was interested in adopting a pair of kittens. Trudy and Lyle were the ones that caught her eye.

At that point, Lyle and Trudy had already been spoken for. I told her that Davy and Albert were still available, and she was excited to meet the pair.

If she wasn't in love with the two before she got here, it may had happened when she drove up, and saw them nestled in the window. And if she hadn't fallen in love at that point, it happened minutes later when little Albert decided to climb up and perch his little kitty booty right there on her shoulder, almost to say, "I'm picking you". He sat there for another ten minutes, at least. The deal was sealed. Nice work, Albert.


Davy was equally charming that day, with his big, blinking, bright eyes and squirrelly kitten ways. He did an impressive exercise routine on the living room rug to dazzle us all. He's quite the acrobat.

Separately, these two are pretty amazing, but there's something about them as a pair, that's just enchanting. Needless to say, I'm thrilled they are going together.

Albert just hit the two pound mark, and he's scheduled to go in on Friday for surgery. Albert and Davy (AKA the bookends) will be departing this Saturday.

We're equally thrilled that Lyle and Trudy are staying together. Of course it was sad to say goodbye to them this past weekend. We are already missing the two little sweet peas.

Lisa, their new mama,is wonderful. She had been following the IBKC for a while. She had inquired about Orson, but he had already been spoken for. Later, she contacted Sue about The Treadwells, but they too, had already found their home. She was quick to respond when The Livermores became available. She got the pick of the litter, and she picked Trudy and Lyle.

Lisa is kind and sweet and will give them all the love and attention they deserve. I couldn't imagine a more perfect home for the two.

She just emailed today and said that they are both doing really great and she couldn't be any happier than she is right now.



This is as good as it gets,,, all the kittens going out in pairs and to the perfect people for their personalities. AND they are all keeping their names too, which always makes me happy.

Hip,hip, hooray for the Livermore Four.


  1. Yay! Such great news on a really manic Monday! Lovely little Livermores!!!

  2. I can't wait to bring my new itty bitty kitty family home. Thank you Laurie so much for everything. They will be loved!

  3. shameless display of 'human manipulating' on Alberts part i would say.
    they are so cute. i'm happy that they get to stay together as well.
    there's nothing like having litter mate cats, they're the best.
    Cory! lucky you! congratulations!

  4. I don't know which of the two in that top photo was happier. It was a joyful day in Livermoreland.

  5. That Cori is as stunning as her new babies! They all have such a happy glow.
    P.S. Does Albert get to keep "his" gorgeous green sweater?

  6. oh what a happy happy story!!!

  7. Congratulations to all the Livermores and particularly to new mom, Cori. Way to go, know just how to seal the deal. You claim your spot and let Davy show his stuff.

  8. Cori, Congratulations on the your babies! I have only one question for you, because I can tell from that photo that we don't need to ask if you'll love "our" little Livermore's as much as we do. So, here it is (and I hope the answer is Yes!) -- do you blog?

  9. Awww Great News!

    My Sooty used to sit on my shoulders like that although he used to sit behind my head rather than on my shoulder!

  10. Well done to Albert and Davy for charming Cori. This is excellent news that they too are going to a lovely home. I will miss the Livermores.

    Good luck to Albert for Friday!

  11. Hooorays and whimpers for the Livermores!

    Paws up for their adoptive families and new forever homes! I am sure that Albert will dream of floofy snuggly green sweaters for all his years to come!

  12. Such wonderful news! We love happy endings.

  13. Yay Cori and Lisa! You're getting wonderful kitties with a worldwide cheering section. Many, many purrs in your future.

    Chanter, in the first photo, we see Albert posed on Cori's shoulder. Imagine a parrot sitting on a pirate's shoulder, except with more of an air of "I am master of all I survey." And the pirate as a luminous blonde lady who is twisting her neck up to look at him and laughing.

    In the next, we see Davy in all his floofy glory, sitting up with his tail wrapped neatly around his legs and an expectant expression on his round kitten face. Even without the back story, it's not hard to imagine that he's all dressed up and ready to go.

    The next photo shows Lyle in all his fuzzitude. His ear fuzz is so long and so are his magnificently arched whiskers. He's tilted his head a bit to one side, looking rather pensive. Perhaps he's planning to tell Lisa that he wants to be styled just like Charlene Butterbean does.

    The last photo is Trudy looking very sweet. Her elegant little scarf is showing, but now it's grown into a bit more of a classic tuxedo pattern.

  14. Hooray for keeping IBKC names! Leave it to the experts :)

  15. Oh, Cori - don't we all wish we were you! But we can see that "our" babies are going to move to a place with a seamless transition from being adored, pampered, spoiled and cherished to a new place where they'll be adored, pampered, spoiled & cherished. Good on YOU! (and taking two is very very wise. VERY wise.) Thank you, Cori.

  16. Certainly a Livermore blog should be a part of Albert and Davy's future. How could I resist sharing their cuteness with the world!

  17. I love it how these itty bitty babies sit so perfectly with the wispy tail wrapped primly around the legs... If the first photo didn't give the scale of this itty bitties, I'd say the second was about a much bigger cat.

    It was a happy day indeed, especially if we can continue to follow the Livermore duo into adulthood. I'm sure, Cori, that you don't have to worry about getting readers for your blog, will all wander over in hordes to see your kitties grow...

  18. Great news for the Livermore's! It's so nice that they all have such loving homes. I am waiting in anticipation to see the next clan of kitten babes!

  19. Cori is one of my best friends in the world! I can attest to the fact that she will be a wonderful cat mommy to her new babies. Congratulations Cori, I am so happy for you.

    I love you,

  20. Indeed, a happily ever after story for the Livermores! How wonderful! Albert and Davy are a very special pair-their personalities show through the lens! What fun you will have, Cori! And we know you'll give them oodles of love.

  21. PERFECT happy ending!!

  22. So glad for all the babies! (I've been out of town so not commenting) What a great welcome home for me.



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