Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meet the Beaumonts!

There are a couple of kittens I'd like you to meet, Florie and Gunther Beaumont. These two dazzlers are Sue's foster kittens, and it's time to find them homes.

They're all ready to go now. They've had their shots, micro-chipping and their itty bitty bits have been removed. Their suitcases are packed and they're waiting by the door. If you have a wonderful home to offer in the Seattle/Tacoma area , and you're in need of kitten or two, please send an email, and I'll put you in contact with Sue.

Sue's prepared a little bio for each of the babes so you can get to know them a little better.

And now... I bring you... The Beaumonts...
Name: Florie
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: Soft and sleek, sweet and spunky. Chock full o’ delights.
What are your hobbies? Well, I’ve been watching the Olympics and have begun training for 2012. I run like the wind!! A shiny, black blur!
Favorite toy: If you have a small blue plaid fish handy, that would be excellent. The current one has seen better days.
Dislikes: Solitude. May I never experience it.
Dream-home: A human on the couch waiting for me to scramble up to their neck for a snooze. I’ll happily oblige. We can both snooze. Purr-purr-purr.
An interesting fact about me: You might think I’m a solid black kitty, but when the light hits just so, you’ll see I have the faintest little stripes and a smoky color under my chin. Really quite stunning!
Minor Imperfection: When I get sleepy, I sometimes develop an unnatural affinity for human fingers. I like to nibble – and purr. I’m learning to be distracted by a toy so keep one close by! It’s a kitten thang. I’m already growing out of it.
Why should you adopt me? From day one, my brother Beaumonts and I have been some of the sweetest, cuddliest kittens my foster mom has had the pleasure of knowing. You’ll wonder how you could be so lucky!


Describe yourself in 20 words or less: Classically handsome, an extremely loving, happy boy.
What are your hobbies? Kisses. Right on the lips.
Dislikes: The mere idea that you wouldn’t want to just scoop me up to snuggle your shoulder. I don’t get that. Makes no sense.
Dream-home: I’m not the independent sort. Another sweet kitty, please – big or small. And some couch time with you each evening. We can make out.
An interesting fact about me: After having my bits removed, I wouldn’t stop licking myself, so I was relegated to wearing one of those silly collars for a few days. Laurie said I looked like a sweet, furry astronaut! But it didn’t slow me down one bit. Blast off!!
Minor Imperfection: Can’t think of a single thing.
Why should you adopt me? I’m a happy-talker! I can purr and have a conversation all at the same time!


  1. Be-you-ti-ful Beaumonts, Bless you! I get home from a week away and there you are... and congrats, dear Laurie, on a whole entire year's worth of sweetness, shared. You have brightened my day many times since you began.

  2. Two stunners, Sue! Fingers crossed and prayers goin' up for quick adoptions for your bebes!

    I know we groupies are always encouraging Laurie & Craig (and they soooo deserve it), and here's a big, big hug to you and yours and all the unsung foster parents out there!

  3. Aaaaaw. I WANT. Unfortunately, I a) live a good distance away and b)have another cat who's very cat-unfriendly. But if it weren't for those, I'd snap them both up in a millisecond.

  4. They look like MY babies - Evangeline is black and Lilliane is brown-y stripe-y tabby! I hope they find a forever home together; new parents with that pair will find no end of delight! (Thanks, Sue -- )

  5. I have a fully grown version of Florie and I will say, the stripes do solidify into black as they grow up.

  6. I've been keeping a wonderful secret for a week now ~ I got to meet Sue's fosters and I love them all! We both promised we wouldn't mention it until they were introduced here, and WOW that's been tough! Florie is a beautiful and curious girl, and Gunther is quite the handsome boy! I think they'll make a great forever-pair! Sure hope they stay together.

    Big YAYs for big kitties finding their forever homes including Kitty (WOO HOO!), Scruffy (her owner gave her up, so sad), Hank (love that boy), and Solstice (gorgeous calico)!! Plus, sweet Poppy Girl (all 19 lbs of her) and TipToe (the most beautiful gray and white girl I've EVER met) found foster homes! It's a good day.

  7. oops - I posted my full comments on Florie and the other listing about Sue.

    Sigh - I am tired of this heat....

    Two gorgeous kitties....

    And hoorray is right for the BIG kitties, too!
    Every adoption of a big kitty is another victory for a group that is traditionally not "first choice" for most.

    Kittens are cute...but I can't cope with kittens - and my 2 grown girls would probably find numerous ways to pay me back!

  8. Holy Moly! Dazzlers indeed. You can just see the sheen of Florie's coat, and with his white muzzle Gunther looks like a miniature mountain lion.

    Sue, your profiles *always* make me laugh out loud. In addition to being flat-out funny, they perfectly capture each kitty's personality. I'm sure the babies appreciate your writing skills as much as we all do.

  9. Little Florie can sit on my neck and snooze and purr anytime she likes...

    Gunther is a lovely little tabby boy too!

  10. Hello Florie and Gunther. You are both delightful and it would be wonderful if you were adopted together.

  11. Aw - they are so darn cute! I love Sue's descriptions, too. I know the kittehs whisper them to her - she is a great transcriptionist! *G*

  12. I love the kitty bios. Always precious. More please!

  13. oh my gosh they are both so beautiful. i wish them both happy new furrever homes!
    is anyone else here from vancouver WA ?
    i heard "i am so tired of this heat" and i do so agree, its 94 here already, 104 yesterday. My Stevie kitty has never snoozed so much!
    congrats Laurie, I love your site, and this blog is fabulous, such nice people! and thank you for sharing your lovely home and fosters, I adore MS Butterbean shes the Poo-mama!

  14. so adorable... I particularly Love Florie (a weakness for black kitty).. Hope you both find a home to be together -- Jeanne

  15. that's a super-duper picture of florie. I try and try to capture my black kitty zoe - it's really hard to get the contrast right!

    how'd ya do it??



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