Thursday, August 28, 2008

Departing Davenports


Last night we said so long to sweet little Cecily and dear, dear Chet. They found themselves a wonderful home with parents who are quite smitten with them already. They'll have a few siblings (both cats and dogs!). There's lots of love to go around, and I'm sure the Chet and Cecily will get a lion's share.

Their mama is quite a shutterbug, so I am hoping she'll provide us with lots of kitten pics.

It seems like they just got here, so it's hard to believe it's time to say goodbye. But it is. So goodbye. Be good kitties. We'll miss you!


  1. So good to hear that they have such a wonderful Forever home and family!
    They are such a cute pair of kittens!
    Love you, Chet and Cicely!!!!

  2. Such sweet babies! That Cecily looks as if she knows where the kitchen is! I'm so happy for them and thrilled to hear they're part of a big family of all sorts and varieties, with a photographer there to keep us in the loop. Be good, Be safe. XO

  3. Smooootch! Smoooootch!
    And a big snorgle, little ones!

    Congratulations to the whole forever family... and, you two, listen to auntie anne's advice!

    (pssst... just between us, you can be just naughty enough to give your new mom some really good camera fodder!).

  4. Oh, oh, oh... *wants to hang on to them a moment longer, please*

    Good-bye, Bebes! Be good kittehs!

    Hugs & Snorgles!

  5. anne b - I believe the pot bellied kitty you refer to is the Chetster.

  6. Farewell, sweetlings! Remind your new family that we all CRAVE samples of her photographic skill featuring yourselves!

  7. It's good to hear those sweeties have a happy family in their future. I don't know how you do it! It would be so hard to give them up when it's time to go - I would be crying each time. Happy tears but just the same....thanks for the beautiful pictures ;o)

  8. Anonymous, you are RIGHT, the very round bellied kitten is indeed Chet! My bad!

  9. Good bye, sweet kittens! I hope to see lots of photos of your teenage and adult antics. It sounds like your new forever home is full of love ~ from two-legged and four-legged family members. :)

    Let's hear it for 12 (yes, twelve!) kitties who were transferred from the shelter to a rescue organization today! 6 kittens and 6 adults, and they were all welcomed with open paws. Also, YAY for 6-year-old Trent Kitty who was surrendered by his owner and adopted into a new home today! He's a very loving barn cat, and we just happened to have a visitor looking for a mouser today! Perfect match! YAY!

  10. buh bye babies....

    What an awesome pair of buddies they will be!
    Be as sweet as you guys can be, until the camera is nearby...then all bets are OFF!

    Enjoy your new family...

  11. I think Cecily and Chet will be enchanting their new family for a good long while. Yes, be good you two and enjoy your new lives.

  12. Dear Chet and dear Cecily,
    I hope you will both be happy in your new home with all your new brothers and sisters. Lots of luck!

  13. Well that was a great post, thanks so much for sharing.



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