Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Goodbye Girls



Sigh. We're a tad blue around here this morning. Last night Rosalie and Renatta were picked up by their new parents. It's always hard to say goodbye to the kittens, but with this litter, it's especially difficult. I've said it before, but there is just something really special about this litter. They are just the warmest, lovey-doviest kittens I've ever met. Every single one of them.

I'm so thrilled that Rosalie and Renatta will be staying together. They are moving in a with fabulous set of parents and will have Phyllis, from the Original Six Pack of Cats, as their big sister.

I can promise you that we'll be getting lots of updates and pictures of the girls.

Before their parents arrived last night, Rosalie, Renatta and their siblings all were winding down and hanging out in their bedroom. I love it when they're in this state: kind of sleepy and extra lovely. I managed to get a few last pictures of all of them before we said goodbye. I took most of these pictures shooting into the mirror so the images are of their reflections. I don't think they really knew they were being photographed. Not that they ham it up for the camera, but they seem a little more relaxed for these shots.





So who's next? Well, Carmine and Agnes are scheduled to depart on Friday. Oh geeze, that's tomorrow. I'm not ready, people.

Didn't these kittens just get here?



  1. SOB!!!!! }}whimper{{

    I will miss the Pettibones! But I will joyously welcome the next litter, all the while wondering how some people have apparently never heard of spaying or neutering....

    Anywho - best wishes to the IBK's as they mewve on to their forever homes....

    They have had one of the best starts on life that ANY kitten could wish for!

  2. you'll have to do a set of pettibone cards !!!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad to read that the sisters found a home where they can remain together! And I do hope that the guys can stay together as well. Fingers crossed!

    Bye Bye girls, it was good getting to know you, even if it was only for a little while. Thankfully Laurie has taken some beautiful beautiful photos of y'all for us to keep on enjoying!

  4. I just started reading this blog a few weeks ago and already I'm seeing my second set of itty bitty kitties get adopted. When did Charlene first meet them? I think it was last week. Well it just shows what a good job you're doing as a foster. If only all kitties could be adopted this quickly.


  5. Aw! I will miss them too! Their serenity and loving cat mojo radiates even from the pictures.

    I wonder what they are looking at so intently in the third picture?

  6. I LOVE KITTENS! I just got a new one a few months ago and its almost like she grew up already. We have five cats already. I would love to sponsor some kittens though!


  7. I hope this means Alvie and Virgil will get to stay together too. Adopting in pairs is the best!

  8. So, do the new parents know that Renata is really not real but is an extremely lifelike plush toy? Won't they be surprised! This may also be true of darling Virgil. So cute! All of them. Over too soon!

  9. Farewell, sweet girls! The time with you was all too short, but I am delighted you two are going together, and that we are assured of many more pictures as you conquer your new world. Your new big sister is beautiful - I just met her through the link because I wasn't around here when she was growing up. She is in for a lot of fun, as are your lucky parents!
    Bye-bye, sweeties !!!! (sobbing through my smiling wave)

  10. Oh my, that was fast!

    Laurie, have you kept count of how many lucky kitties you have ushered into forever homes?

  11. Yes, Pettibone time went way too quickly. These little sweeties made up for their brief stay with their adorable personalities. Very memorable.

  12. man i wish hubby would let us have a kitty. the boys love the neighborhood kitties. they are all so pretty.

  13. Oh no! Oh yes! Oh my! Too fast...

    I am going to miss these Pettibones - but am so happy they are finding homes (& together, too! JOY!)

    I hope we get lots of pics of them from their new parents!

  14. So soon? Oh well. Happy for the Pettibones; sad for those of us who'll miss their little faces.

  15. Farewell girls!

    And thank you to that lucky Forever Family that has adopted you!

  16. Wow, farewell time did come extra early for these special kittens, no? Bye bye, lovelies -- it was short but oh-so-sweet!

    Carmine, you be a good boy for your new Forever Family, you hear? ;D

  17. Oh man, we don't know how you do it. Meowm has moped andmoped about the kittens she helped. And that was only one litter!

    And I agree with anonymous....a set of Pettibone cards is a must!

  18. Goodbye tortie girl Rosalie and Renatta! Please send pictures pronto.

  19. They DID just get here -- well, here we are, sad again but with that overlay of sweet delight that another bunch of fluffy treasures are finding homes where they can live to be old OLD cats, safely and pampered....and I agree with two of you: 1) don't people know about SPAYING? and 2) Yes, please, put down the Pettibones for a card set. OH HECK, Laurie - just anticipate our request for ALL Itty Bitty Kitties, past, present and future. (Just saved us all some time, friends)

  20. Awww, goodbye, you sweet girls! I look forward to the updates!

  21. Farewell Pettibones! We'll miss you but you'll have happy new homes. It's hard to say goodbye. My foster babies, the Berries leave the nest on Monday. Bring on more kittens! I'm glad to see comments about spay/neuter. We need to spread that word!

  22. I love them ALL! But more pictures of Alice, please. I think she is the sweetest-looking little soul.

  23. OK... I've lurked long enough. You have no idea how much I wish I lived closer to you so I could have lobbied to be a mom to a couple of these pettibons. The first pictures you posted of them I felt it. You are right, there is something very special about this family. Of course I have a weakness for gingie kitties and blue eyes. ;)

    I love what you do. You've inspired me to possibly taking on being a foster mom when my living situation allows. :D

  24. I can't believe it's time to say goodbye already. :-( I'll miss them although I'm thrilled they've found forever homes.

  25. Gosh, these Pettibones, blink and you miss 'em! I will miss them.

    Laurie, your photographs are getting very, very good, real reportage stuff. Would an Itty Bitty book be something you'd like to do?



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