Saturday, July 26, 2008

From The Archives: Pettibone Wrestlemania

The Contenders:
First Round, Carmine VS Alvie.
...and the winner of round one takes on Renatta "Tiny Dynamite" Pettibone.
...who decides her brother is no challenge, and moves on.


  1. I love kitty wrestlemania! There is nothing like it :-) to bring smiles.

  2. I wonder ~ has little Alvie wrestled against Charlene Butterbean? I imagine she calls a truce to make time for grooming as often as she can. I just love that Butterbean.

    Fantastic news from the Cattery ~ YAY for 6 (yes, six!) adult cats finding their new forever homes on Friday! Lovely Carmen, stoic Liam, tuxedo Ash, unique Snowball (with one green & one blue eye), shy Hunter, and last but not least "please adopt me, I've been at the shelter two months" Roland! It was an incredible day for our big kitties!

  3. Haha, another fabulous post! These Pettibones just keep on giving...

    Don't you just love it when kittens wrestle and they start kicking like crazy with their hind legs, kangaroo-stylee? :D

  4. Good for Renatta... it's all in knowing When to Walk Away!

  5. It just amazes me the way these itty bitty babies learn (or know?) big cat body language. You can see the ears back, whiskers forward on Renatta, showing her intent to play and her kitty curiosity. And Alvie's obviously learned the "Come play with me" pose (on his back, legs stretched out in a welcome manner) from the Queen, Miss Butterbean.

    And let's hear it again for Laurie's photography skills. We're visiting family, and I've been trying to take photos of my furry niece and nephew, Peanut and Spooky. They are precious, but nowhere near as cooperative as any of the Itty Bittties. Laurie, you make it look so easy, but it most definitely is not!

  6. Lynda - HEAR HEAR!! It's true, I have a few (hundred thousand) pictures of my kitties, and not a one could touch Laurie's. And clearly Renatta knows how to pick her battles....Laurie, have you noticed a spike in the population there? If all of US who would adopt itty-bitties in a heartbeat moved there, the whole West Coast would probably sink right into the ocean from the increased weight!

  7. Shana banana, your news from the cattery of big kitty adoptions id WONDERFUL. Blessings on all who adopt kitties young or old. You are the next step towards world peace!

  8. All the Pettibones are winners!

    As much as I will miss little Alvie - I hope his Forever Family arrives soon. He has soooo very much to give!

    And yes, Shana - HURRAY for the mature kitties. I love kittens butI am not likely to adopt another. I am perfectly pleased with a slightly more mature kitty....since they are the under-cat.

  9. And let's hear it for Laurie's captions, too! Her pictures are lovely, no doubt, but her captions imbue those pictures with the personalities of each kitty. That's why we fall so madly in love with them all. We get to really KNOW them, inside and out. Brava, Laurie!

  10. Kitties wresting ~ it doesn't get any better than that!

    Wonderful correction to Friday's big kitty adoption news ~ two more were adopted (that I forgot about), two 4-year-old sisters who came in the day before! Beautiful siamese-mix girls, strays but their family must miss them. If their owner doesn't show for them Monday, they'll get to go home with their new forever family ~ together!!! That makes 8 biggie adoptions in one day! YAY!

  11. What a brilliant post, these are lovely looking guys



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