Thursday, June 5, 2008

Updates! We've got Updates!!!

YES! I know you've all been anxious for updates on our IBKC graduates, The Mayfields, and today I have pictures of ALL of them ! We'll start with this gorgeous photo of Fergus. (You can tell his mom is a professional photographer.) I love how tall and lanky he's looking, even while wearing horizontal stripes!

Here we have dear, sweet Auggie and LeRoy ( now known as Howie and Baker). It sounds like they are happy and comfortable in their new home and getting lots of love.
Howie and Baker 076

And finally, Porter and Clementine. He's still a cry baby,, she's still a wild child,, and they are both still adorable. Here's a blurb from an email from their mom.
oh mannnn!! Porter is just a cry-er!!! cries before we feed him, while we are trying to get his food to him, after eating, while we are eating, if he is left behind in a room alone, as soon as we walk in the door :) He is wonderful though, very loving!!!

Clementine is nuts!!!!!!!! jumps on everything, pounces everything (especially Porter), bites anything she can get in her mouth, broke our blinds, 3 light bulbs in one of our lamps... but she is very sweet when she is ready to nap!

We are loving them and very happy to have them in our lives!

May 2008 011

May 2008 020

May 2008 018

It's so nice to see everyone is doing so well. Thanks to all the parents for sharing their pictures with us !


  1. fergus is so handsome!!!!!!!! i can't get over it! the others are adorable as well. so good to hear they're doing well!

  2. My Tiger is a whiner too. In the morning he lets you know he has the hungry bellies and he's fading fast so hurry up with the food. When I get home he lets me know that he's not happy about this whole 'working outside the house'.

  3. My cat, Mr. Pinkerton, is also a whiner. He will follow me between the house and garage while I unload groceries just to tell me all the way out and back that he is displeased with me.
    Fergus is a handsome boy. I am glad we get to see them as they grow up even more and are no longer itty bitty.

  4. Awww :)

    Hey Fergus you lovely lovely cat you...

    He's got a really good pose going there hasn't he.. ;)

  5. Maddie obviously doesn't want me to admire this batch of IBKC alumni, because she is completely blocking my screen!

    From the bits of them I can see, they are looking great!

  6. Aww look at my little Fergus, he is growing up to be such a handsome boy.

  7. Gasp!

    Fergus! You are such a gorgeous boy! Yes, I know you aren't supposed to have favorites, but sometimes it just happens. And Fergus is still my ultimate favorite since the first I laid eyes on him. Its a Fergus thing.

    And the boys! And Clementine! She's a little spit fire! Oh, they are all so lovely. I am so happy they are with forever parents who love them.

  8. Ah, this reminds me of when ours were little ones. Good times.

  9. Wow, Fergus! You can strike a pose like a pro model! Maybe it's time for you to pursuit a modelling career ;P

    Although my favorite picture is the last one. Porter looks so "aaaaaw" with that water drop on his lovely face!

    All the moms and dads are making an awesome job raising these kitties, they all look gorgeous! Kudos to all of you! *^^*

  10. Yay! Mr. Fergus... suave, debonaire. And Howie & Baker (they do look like orphans in the storm here!) have each other. And Mr. Porkchop Porter in the sink - sheesh! And little Clementine the terror! lol

    I have a kitty who sits in the tub waiting for me to turn on the faucet so he can drink. Maybe that's what Porter wants...a drink of water! =^)

  11. Fergus is so ridiculously cute. I miss having kitties.

  12. Aww, I love Clementine. I had a small girl cat when I was growing up who I loved dearly but had clearly defined wild streak. Because of that I always take to the little girl kitties that seem like they're gonna be spunky (I think Ruth Anne has that in her)

  13. Dear New Forever Parents: OOOH thank you! We all feel so much better, seeing our little nieces and nephews in their new lives. They ALL look terrific! Kudos to you all.

  14. Holy Moly! Fergus you fine, fine boy. Look at you, just as gorgeous as can be in your grown-up tabby suit. What a spectacular photo.

    Howie and Baker look so precious cuddled together. And check out the bunny thumpers on Baker (to borrow a phrase I learned here).

    Next we have Clementine's wonderful belly spots! They're so wonderful to focus on when giving tummy rubs. And kitties in the sink! I love that. We have one of those fountain-style water dishes for our darlings, but they still prefer drinking from the faucet, and curling up in our round sinks for the occasional nap. Spoiled? You bet!

    Great big thanks to all the Mayfield parents for the photos and updates. They mean so much to us IBKC groupies.

  15. This is brilliant to see the Mayfields all settled and happy in their new homes. It's especially good to see Porter inspecting the sink :)

  16. wahhoooo..Wonderful pictures and news.thanks to the parents for keeping us update 8-) Fergus you are sooooo handsome..I think having a mama photographer helps you to strike a pose..Fergus you look terrific..All of you kitties still look awsome cute.. -- Jeanne

  17. OMG, I think I'm in love. Fergus, where have you been all my life?!?

    I adore those little tufts of hair under his ears -- very masculine!

  18. That photo of Fergus is so gorgeous!

    Haha, I have to laugh. When I got Frasier at 10 weeks, I thought "what have I done? where did my plan go to adopt an adult cat?" I lost a lot of sleep then, but I wouldn't trade that time for anything! Such a great kitty now. (Just turnd one)

  19. aw fergus! he must be a real kitty magnet, sooooo handsome, i love him!

  20. Fergus looks so very *innocent*, as if he has done *nothing wrong at all* and maybe we should *get off his back*! What a handsome boy he is.

    Love those cuddlebugs, and Porter and Clementine sound like the make quite the gruesome twosome. I shouldn't be surprised if he distracts while she destroys.

    Thanks for giving us the updates - they're all so perfectly adorable!

  21. howie & baker!

    How cute are you two cuddled up together? :-)

  22. And Clem, you are supposed to be keeping an eye on Porter Porkchop...not wreaking havoc!

  23. Fergus grew into all his fur!!!! And such a handsome boy he is too!

    Howie and Baker are plotting something, I can tell! Or are the planning their snuggle schedule with their people?

    Clementine and Porter - Oooooh so cute! All that kitty energy. Maybe Porter is just saying - SHE WEARS ME OUT...DO SOMETHING!!!! PLEEEEZ!!!!!

    Thanks to their Forever Families for sharing



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